Accommodation: which option is best for me?

One of the benefits of studying English at EC New York is the variety of housing options available for our students to choose from.  We have something for every personality and budget!  If you are unsure as to which housing option is best for you, consider the following factors to help you make your decision. 


Motivation to learn English:

Living with a host family is the best option for students who are very serious about learning English as quickly as possible.  Although you will speak English in student residences, there are also opportunities to speak your native language with other students, which could hinder your English learning.  When living with a host family, you become part of a real American family and become integrated in their lives.  You will be exposed to American culture, food, and of course- English.


Convenience to EC:

If you would like to live within a convenient distance to EC, then living in a residence would be the best option.  The 92Y residence and New Yorker residence are both located in Manhattan, less than 30 minutes away by subway.  You can even walk to EC from the New Yorker residence!


Budget conscious:

Living with a host family is the least costly option per week.  Also, breakfast is included on all plans, and dinner is included in some plans.


Wants to make new friends:

For students who want to meet new people, we recommend living in a residence.  In the 92Y residence, sharing a room and a bathroom will help you make fast friends.  Students from around the world live in these residences!


Would like to get to know the city like a local:

When you live with a host family, you have a host parent who can be your guide and show you around the city like a local.  Also, when living with a family, your home will probably be in a non-touristy neighborhood, therefore allowing you to discover parts of the city that you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to.


Would like his/her own bedroom and bathroom, and access to a kitchen:

The New Yorker is the only accommodation option that offers single rooms and private bathrooms.  Also, all accommodations offer kitchen access.  In the New Yorker, all rooms have a refrigerator, and 92Y rooms have a microwave and refrigerator.


Would like to live somewhere with organized events and activities:

92Y and the New Yorker offer daily activities hosted by their staff.  Activities include movie nights, free classes, lectures, and shows.  The activity calendars offered by the residences are similar to the activity calendar at EC.


EC NY has amazing staff members that are here to help you!  With the accommodation options, residence staff, and host families, we all work closely together to ensure a safe and happy stay.  We address all concerns and present alternatives or solutions within 24 hours.

Would you like to live in New York and learn English?  We offer full immersion English programs and great residence options!





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