The October calendar is here!

October is here!  You know what that means: a new month, a new activity and event schedule!  With the beginning of October comes the arrival of autumn in New York, which is known to be the most beautiful season in New York.  Our new calendar includes several activities that revolve around the fall, and of course- Halloween!

Some highlights from this month’s calendar include ramen dinner, the autumn art fair, a tour of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and a tour of the Brooklyn neighborhood Park Slope.  In addition to Halloween festivities (such as Times Scare Haunted House and pumpkin carving), the last week of October is EC spirit week!  You will have the opportunity to wear all orange (EC colors) and pajamas to school, and definitely do not miss our Halloween parade!!



Which events will you attend?  Would you like to learn English in the US?  Check out EC’s programs!