“Everyone is friendly and receptive with students – Miryam’s testimonial

Myriam Alicia Palacino is a yoga teacher from Colombia participating in our academic year program.  She has already completed ten months at EC, with only two more to go.  Miryam shared with us why she loves EC and living in New York City.  

Why are you learning English?
I am learning English because I am a yoga teacher in Colombia and I want to have an international certificate in yoga teacher training. Also, I have two sons and now they are studying at an international school. In Colombia now, it is very important to speak English. If you can’t speak English, you don’t have good opportunities for work.

Why did you decide to study English in New York?
Because my yoga school is here too, and New York has the most popular yoga schools around the world.

Why EC?
When I decided to study English, I had three options of schools in New York. EC is the most popular in Colombia. I chose EC over the competitors because the rules are flexible for class times, and it makes it easier for me to practice yoga.

What do you like most about EC?
I like that the classes are small groups. Also, I like the style of teachers to teach. I love my tutor and teachers; everyone is very friendly and receptive with students. It’s cozy.

What do you like most about living in NY?
You can find a lot of nationalities, different styles, people; you can find a lot of activities. There is more culture here than other cities. This city is so demanding of your energy, because the city is very fast paced. If you don’t have personality, it’s not your city. You need an open mind here. New York has changed me to become more open minded. It’s an amazing city.

Fun facts about Myriam:
Favorite country to visit- Peru
Favorite food – “I don’t like Colombian food because it smells all the time. Also, I am a vegetarian and it is easier to be a vegetarian here.”
Favorite food: quinoa, soup, and vegetables
Cities travelled to within the US – Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, SF, Miami- SF attitude
Favorite subway line: N, Q, R
She is an excellent dancer and is quite knowledgeable in the Spanish language.


Would you like to study English like Myriam?  We offer full immersion English programs to help you achieve your goal of speaking English.