Meet your teacher, Amy!

Meet EC New York teacher, Amy!  Amy answered some questions about herself and her experience teaching at EC.  Here is what she has to say: How long have you been working at EC? A little bit over a year. Why did you decide to become an English teacher? I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, … Read more

Thanksgiving in NYC

Thanksgiving can be a tough day in New York when you’re a foreigner.  Most businesses and restaurants are closed, and Americans are usually with friends and family.  Even though there will be less options available for Thanksgiving evening, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday a … Read more

Dessert Day at EC New York

In celebration of Thanksgiving, EC New York will be having a Thanksgiving dessert feast in the student lounge on Tuesday, November 25.  Each class is encouraged to bring a favorite dessert to share with the rest of the school. Sharing food is an exciting way to share a part of your culture. Also, co … Read more

Clement’s EC Experience

Clement Beauperin completed three months studying English at EC New York. During these three months, he improved his English by an incredible 89%! That’s a huge accomplishment. Clement shared his experience at EC and what helped him with his success.     What did you like most about studyi … Read more

AY Lectures

AY (academic year) 30 (intensive English) students are required to attend one AY lecture per month.  Although these are obligatory for AY 30 students, all students and classes are welcome to attend these free lectures.  Each month, there is a different lecture topic presented by a different teacher. … Read more

Nicoletta’s EC Experience

Nicoletta Gemelli is an Italian student currently studying English at a high intermediate level. She has been at EC New York since September first, and has another three months to go. Nicoletta shared with us some information about herself, as well as her EC New York experience. Why are you learning … Read more

Winter Village at Bryant Park

Every year in Bryant Park, the city converts the large green space into a massive, public ice skating rink surrounded by a wide variety of food and crafts vendors.  Fortunately for us at EC New York, Bryant Park is right around the corner from us.  Not only does the skating rink offer stunning views … Read more

Meet Mika! EC NY testimonial

Mika Takemura is a university student from Japan, majoring in management. She is currently learning English at a low intermediate level and has been here for two months already, with four more months to go. Mike shared with us what she loves about EC New York and living in New York City.   Why … Read more

Halloween at EC New York

Last Friday, EC New York celebrated spirit week and Halloween.  Students wore their (incredibly impressive) costumes to school to show their Halloween spirit!  Look at how awesome we look: To further participate in Halloween, students attended the parade in the West Village and other festivities aro … Read more