Is it your last week at EC New York?

Is this your last week at EC New York?

If so, congratulations on your accomplishment!

We would like to inform you on our exit procedure so that you make a smooth transition out of EC.  Below is a check-list to keep track of what will happen during your last week, including information regarding your exit test, student relationship survey, extending your stay, and graduation.

1.  EXIT TESTS (mandatory for students who have studied 8 weeks or longer, strongly recommended for all other students)  The exit test will take place at 12 PM.  Please visit the academic office for more information, including test location.

2.  Complete the STUDENT RELATION SURVEY – You will receive this via email on Monday of your last week with a link to the survey.  (If you do not receive this email, please let the front desk know.)  A score of 9 or 10 indicates that you have been happy with your course.  Please see the front desk if you have not received this email.

3.  Complete EXIT AFFIDAVIT (for F-1 students only!)  Ask the front desk for this document, if necessary.

4.  Would you like to EXTEND?  You can pick up a Course Change Request form at the front desk.  This will allow you to extend easily.

5.  EXIT INTERVIEW WITH STAFF: We would love to hear about your experience!  Please see the staff member written on your exit letter, which you receive the Monday of your last week.

6.  GRADUATION!  Congratulations!  You did it!  Join us in the student lounge on Friday at 12 PM to celebrate your accomplishment.

While we are sad to see you go, we would like to wish you the best in your future endeavors!  We would also like to take a moment to thank you for studying with us.

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