“I am really thankful that I found EC and came here to achieve my goal”- Kanar’s Testimonial

Kanar Kamal Midhat is a student from Kurdistan who came to EC New York to improve her English and gain acceptance to a Master’s program in Criminal Justice.  She has a law degree and ten years of experience in criminal court.  After three months of hard work, she gained acceptance to John Jay College’s Master’s program.  Congratulations, Kanar!  Here is her EC experience and key to her success:


Why did you decide to learn English?

“When I was a kid until now I have something in my personality, a passion, and I want to learn another language. English was at the top of the list. After that, I would like to learn basic French. I was all the time listening to songs and watching movies in English, and that was my English experience until I got to New York City and studied in EC School. That helped me improve my English, for example grammatically, because I made basic mistakes all the time but I learned so many things in EC which was a good experience. It was useful for my future. ”


Why did you choose EC?

“I was in my country hoping to visit NYC and study. I was thinking about getting university admission then coming here to improve my English. I was searching on the internet and found EC. I contacted EC and they were so nice and helpful, step by step telling me what I have to do and how. That was so useful and helpful to start booking at C and getting a visa which is difficult in my country. I didn’t have any difficult when I went in for my interview at the Embassy. They accepted and the process was easy. EC staff is amazing. I first contacted Shadi and he was so good. He recommended me to EC and we booked.”


Why New York?

“In my country I was working as a volunteer in a peace organization and I met people from New York. They were all the time talking about New York and if I get a chance to come to New York, they can help me. They motivated me to think about New York. New York City is anyone’s dreamland.”


What do you like most about EC?

“EC was so useful for me and I got to know many nice people and different nationalities and cultures because of EC. Also, the staff. The front desk and academic office, especially Bindu. She helped me a lot with a part of my application. She was so friendly and she gave me her time to fill out part of the application. I told her this is my dream and she helped me a lot. Everyone is amazing like that. Also, Elena. She helped me with my personal statement and I’ll never forget that. So everyone at EC is just amazing. I am really thankful that I found EC and came here to achieve my goal.”


What do you like most about living in New York City?

“I like it because living in New York you can’t just meet with New Yorkers. It’s a diverse culture. Indian, Chinese, Japanese- you’ll have the chance to know many cultures. It’s a busy and noisy city, but there is a lot of energy. When you see people walking down the street you will be motivated and active. You can’t easily be depressed. NYC is a state of opportunity. Here I see people and they come with a dream in their mind and follow their dream and goals to achieve it. It is so motivating and inspiring. Anything can happen!”


What advice would you give to someone learning English at EC New York?

“Attendance is important. You have to be careful. Also, elective classes are important and useful if you have time. And for me I would be so friendly with other students. Talk in English. This is my advice from EC staff. Soemtimes students talk in their own language, and I don’t like that.”


Fun facts about Kanar:

“I have a crazy mind. I have many many many dreams. I’m following my dream so I know it can lead me to something to improve my personality.”

“My favorite food is salad with fries. While I was in NY I tried different restaurants and eat fries and salad. Also, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. They know me there!”

“I have two boys. They are at a private American kindergarten with a difficult English program. They are in 4th and 5th grade.”


We are so proud of you, Kanar!  You can improve your English at EC New York Language Center.