Meet Minah! EC New York Testimonial

Minah Kim from Korea has been studying at EC New York since January 26th, and will continue her studies here until July. Minah shared some information about herself and why she is improving her English.

Meet Minah! EC New York Testimonial

What do you do in Korea?
I am a student. My major is English education.

Why are you learning English?
My major is English Ed, so I want to be an English teacher. I think it is the best experience for becoming fluent.

Why did you choose EC?
I heard that EC teachers really care about students’ progress.

Why EC New York?
I think New York is the most “hot” place and there are so many cultures so I can experience a lot of different people and styles. That’s why. And, it’s the center of the world!

What do you like most about EC?
I really like the teachers. They encourage me to speak and to do my best. In Korea I feel sorry for having questions because I don’t want to interrupt other people’s studies. But here, I feel free to have questions and they respect me a lot. And, I like activities too!

What do you like most about your life in NYC?
I actually live in New Jersey, but I like the atmosphere and mood. And you know, New York is gorgeous. And there are so many famous places so I can get there easily.

What advice would you offer to someone starting at EC?
I really want to advise them to not be afraid of speaking to foreign people. I was afraid of them. But they are nice. If you make some effort to get along with them it will be much better to learn English and a lot of cultures.

Fun facts:
My boyfriend is in the army so it’s difficult. This is a very Korean thing!


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