Kazuki's EC NY testimonial

Kazuki from Japan’s Testimonial

Kazuki Nakamura from Tokyo, Japan just completed 11 weeks studying English at EC New York at an intermediate level. Kazuki shared why he is learning English, some highlights from his experience, and fun facts about himself.   What do you do in Japan? I am a university student, studying politics and economics. Why are you … Read more

Deisi from Brazil's Testimonial

Meet Deisi from Brazil- EC New York Testimonial

Deisi Alline Toponotti Barzan from Brazil studied at EC for three weeks at an intermediate level. Here is some information about Deisi and her experience studying English at EC New York.   What do you do in Brazil? I am a mechanical engineer and material planner. Why are you learning English? For my life and … Read more

Gaetano and his classmates

Gaetano’s EC New York Testimonial

Gaetano Emanuele Torrebruno studied at EC New York for three months, starting at a pre-intermediate level and finishing at an intermediate level. He shared some information about himself and some highlights of his EC Experience.     What do you do in Italy? I am a high school student, but I want to study business. … Read more

Sharon from Italy's Testimonial

Sharon from Italy’s Testimonial

Rosa Sharon Magliulo from Naples, Italy, has been studying at EC New York for three months at a low intermediate level. She currently lives in New York with her father. Here is some information about Sharon and her EC Experience:     What did you do in Italy? I’m in high school, but I live … Read more

Antonio from Switzerland's Testimonial

Meet Antonio- EC NY Testimonial

Antonio Iannone from Switzerland just completed his one month study period at EC New York, after having studied at EC Miami for two months. Antonio shared some information about himself and his experience learning English at EC New York.     What do you do in Switzerland? I have been working for a bank for … Read more

Kazuki at EC NY

Kazuki from Japan Shares his EC Experience

Kazuki Itoda completed his six month study at EC New York. Wow, that is a long time! He began in elementary and moved up to high intermediate. That’s a huge accomplishment! Kazuki shared with us some information about himself, what he likes about New York, and his EC Experience.   What do you do in … Read more

EC NY Eats Arepas

Ethnic Dinner of the Month Club: Venezuelan Food!

EC staff member Emily and students go to a different ethnic cuisine every month.  March was Turkish, and April was Venezuelan food.  We ate delicious arepas, which are corn cakes filled with various meats, vegetables, beans, and cheese.  They are a traditional and common part of the Venezuelan and Colombian diet and are absolutely delicious! … Read more

Azam Gives AY Lecture

Student Azam Gives AY Lecture

Student Azam presented an AY lecture about his country, Saudi Arabia.  Here are some of his thoughts about his experience preparing and giving the lecture.   How long did it take you to prepare your presentation? It look two weeks to write, because different ideas came out and Helen and Tatiana helped out. The most … Read more