Minnie from Korea

Do you Know K-Town?

This blog was written by Minjung Chae, a student ambassador from Korea.  She is studying English at an upper-intermediate level.                 Have you ever heard of ‘K-town’? You might think it is a kind of small town somewhere in the United States.  However, it indicates ‘Koreatown’ like ‘Chinat … Read more

EC Student from Saudi Aarbia presents AY Lecture

Student Presents AY Lecture on Soccer

EC is a New York ESL school located in Times Square, the heart of New York City.  One of the many academic programs offered is our Academic Year program. Student Ambassador Abdullah presented May’s AY lecture on Football.  As part of EC New York’s Academic Year program, AY students must … Read more

Meet Alvaro, your New Student Ambassador

Alvaro from Chile has been studying at EC New York since early March.  He loves comic books, Times Square, and meeting new students from all over the world.  Here is some more information about Alvaro and how he can help you as an ambassador:   Where you from? I’m from Santiago, Chile. Why are … Read more

Meet Student Ambassador Minnie, from South Korea!

“If you consider this adorable, lovely and awesome school EC, I highly recommend just come and try to enjoy! Here would be one of the best schools for what you need! I hope I could meet you guys and come to say Hi to me!”   Where are you from? I’m from Seoul, South Korea. Why are yo … Read more

Meet Your New Student Ambassador, Minah!

Minah is a Student Ambassador from South Korea, currently studying English at an advanced level.  She is working towards becoming an English teacher in Korea, and has a lot of information to share!     Where are you from? I’m from Seoul in Korea. Seoul is the capital of Korea. I had lived … Read more

Do you know Chinatown, Flushing?

An EC New York blog written by Student Ambassador Ding (intermediate), from China:   Hi! I am Ding. I would like to talk about China town. Do you know China town? There are many Chinatowns around the world. I think almost all countries have Chinatown. The largest Chinatown in Asia is Yokohama C … Read more

EC New York to Host Charity BBQ

    Next Friday, EC New York will be hosing a CHARITY BBQ in an effort to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease research and celebrate the beginning of summer. Join us for a night of delicious Southern BBQ, games, activities, and support this great cause. Buy your tickets today!   … Read more

Jason's Testimonial

Jason’s Testimonial

Jiho “Jason” Chae from Korea studied at EC New York for six months and moved from high intermediate to upper intermediate. He participated in several activities, free classes, and was deeply involved in the school.   What do you do in Korea? I’m a student. I have two more years to graduate. I a … Read more

Meet Student Ambassador, Abdullah from Saudi Arabia!

My name is Abdullah Rawas and I am from Makkah, Saudi Arabia.  I am learning and studying English because English is the most important thing in Saudi Arabia.  Also, my dream is to be a pilot and that means if I want to study aviation, I must speak English fluently. I like everything in EC and I tre … Read more