Student Presents AY Lecture on Soccer

EC is an ESL New York Learning Center

EC is a New York ESL school located in Times Square, the heart of New York City.  One of the many academic programs offered is our Academic Year program.

Student Ambassador Abdullah presented May’s AY lecture on Football.  As part of EC New York’s Academic Year program, AY students must attend a monthly lecture.  These lectures are about a wide range of topics and are presented by either an EC teacher, staff member, or student.  Students must then write an essay about these lectures.  Although attendance to these lectures is required for AY students, it is optional and open to all other students who would like to learn something new and build their listening and note taking skills.  Here is what Abdullah had to say about how he chose the topic, how long it took to prepare, and his experience presenting in front of the school:

EC is an ESL New York Learning Center


“I chose this topic because I love soccer and I can explain everything comfortably.  It took me 3 weeks to research my topic and 5 weeks to finish all of it.

Secondly, it took me  5 weeks to prepare and practice my lecture and i practiced 3 times in front of Amy . Moreover, i would not change any thing . In addition , it was a kind of challenge that i gave lecture in front of many students and my teachers .Also , i am really happy because i did something special and something that just two students did. Furthermore, i was not nervous, when i started i was extremely comfortable then, i tried to make some jokes with the audience.”


EC is an ESL New York Learning Center