Bruno from Brazil’s EC Experience

Bruno Bottega from Porto Alegre just completed his four month study at EC, a New York ESL center.  He began studying at an upper intermediate level and finished in advanced. Here is his EC experience:   What do you do in Brazil? I am a salesman. I graduated with a degree in digital communicatio … Read more

Alvaro from Chile improves his English at EC New York

Alvaro from Chile’s EC Experience

Alvaro Jaramillo Cisternas from Santiago, Chile just completed his two month study at EC New York, learning at an intermediate level. During his study, he served as a Student Ambassador and participated in many activities. Here is Alvaro’s EC experience:   What do you do in Santiago? I am a stu … Read more

Kevin from Switzerland improved his English at EC New York

Kevin’s Testimonial

Kevin Rossel from Switzerland started studying at EC New York in December, beginning at a pre-intermediate level. During his five month study, he increased four levels, and even took our Cambridge Exam preparatory course. That’s a HUGE accomplishment! Additionally, Kevin was a Student Ambassador, bo … Read more

June’s Activity Calendar

Summer is here! June’s calendar is filled with exciting events and activities, most of which take advantage of the beautiful New York warm weather.  We are going on walking tours, having picnics in parks, listening to live music, playing laser tag, and drinking cocktails on rooftops. Which act … Read more

Discovering New Music in New York

Daniel Caviedes Caycedo is a student ambassador and musician from Colombia.  He is currently studying at a high intermediate level.   It is amazing to see how all the best of the world can be in one city, and it is interesting that no disciplines can escape this rule. And of course, music is not an … Read more

Mafalda’s Travels in the US

Mafalda is a Student Ambassador from Portugal who is studying English at a high intermediate level.  She loves traveling and has decided to share some of her adventures with us, as well as provide useful travel tips for visiting various cities in the US.   Hello, My name is Mafalda, I’m 2 … Read more