Mafalda’s Travels in the US

Mafalda is a Student Ambassador from Portugal who is studying English at a high intermediate level.  She loves traveling and has decided to share some of her adventures with us, as well as provide useful travel tips for visiting various cities in the US.


Hello, My name is Mafalda, I’m 24 years old and I live in Porto, the best city of Portugal.  I love traveling with all the money I save to use on trips with my family and friends. For me, travel is the only thing you buy. That makes you rich.

When I decided to embark on this adventure to live six months in New York my willingness to travel did not end. On the contrary, I discovered a new continent and endless possibilities of trips.

Due to school and not to miss lessons (the main reason I came here was to learn English) the trips had to be short, because I had only the weekend. Money was also a very important issue and so I always try to save as much as possible.

I arrived in January and in February I went to Washington to spend the weekend with my best friend José. Thankfully he shares the same urge to travel.

Washington is totally different from New York, far more quiet but very beautiful. The city transmits culture. It’s for resting and relaxing on the weekend. There are places that are impossible to miss like the Lincoln Monument, National Monument of World War II, Jefferson Memorial, Washington National Cathedral, Washington Monument, US Capitol, Capitol Hill, White house among others and of course watch the sunset by the river and dinner and a drink at Georgetown (the liveliest part of town full of shops, restaurants and bars.)

Mafalda and her friend in Washington DC
Mafalda and her friend in Washington DC

In February I had the opportunity to go with some friends I met here and who also love to travel to Atlantic City! Atlantic City has the perfect combination of beach, fun, shops and nightlife. Hotels are huge and have several bars, restaurants, shops and a large casino you always have to do. We went in winter and weren’t able to take advantage of the beach, but the beaches are lovely. We were just girls and so we took the opportunity to go to the famous outlet in the city. A perfect idea to spend the weekend with friends. Mine was great!

Mafalda and her friends in Atlantic City
Mafalda and her friends in Atlantic City

I went to Boston in March for less than 24 hours. As I had no money to pay the hotel, I went early in the morning and came back the next morning. I didn’t stop and even managed to go to Harvard University. You cannot miss the mystery of this University and legend has it you touching the foot of John Harvard brings good luck. As we had a friend who lived there was easier to go directly to the most interesting and most beautiful spots. We went to Boston Commons, Quincy Market, MIT, and Neighborhood Beacon Hill. It is worth walking through its streets, Especially Charles Street (which cuts Boston Common). I loved it! I loved the youthful atmosphere.

Mafalda and her friends in Boston

My last trip this month was when I decided to embark on crazy to go spend six days in Las Vegas. There was in Las Vegas one of my favorite music festivals called Rock in Rio, in this case, Rock in Rio Las Vegas. It was the first time it was held in the United States of America, but it is very well known in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Not wanting to miss classes, I took a vacation from school.

It was amazing! Las Vegas feels like a film and even felt like I was in Disneyland. I have no words to describe it, and as they say: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Mafalda and her friend in Las Vegas
Mafalda and her friend in Las Vegas

My next trip is already also scheduled for June, when I’m going to Miami, The Bahamas, and Key West. I’m so excited!

With the exception of Las Vegas, I went by bus on all of these trips to save money. Bus is undoubtedly the cheapest transport. Hotels were booked at and planes surveyed on various websites to compare different prices.

Whether it’s by plane, train, or boat, it actually doesn’t matter- as long as you can travel!

For my trips in June, none of them were planned in advance. On the contrary, I decided on them an average of two weeks before, but I think I still got good prices and enjoyed the fullest.

If you have the opportunity to travel I recommend that you go! No doubt! In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. I want to make memories all over the world.

Please tell ask me if you have any questions or want some information. I have all of the trip plans and I will share them with you with pleasure.