Meet Heejong from Korea – EC NY Testimonial

Heejong Noh from Korea studied at EC New York for 10 weeks, moving from high intermediate to upper intermediate. Here is what he had to share about his EC experience:

Heejong Improves his English at EC New York English Center

What do you do in Korea?
I’m a student. My major is marketing. In the future I want to be in the music industry, especially music festivals. I want to organize festivals.

Why are you learning English?
To get a job in Korea, speaking English is essential. So I want to speak like a native speaker, but it’s very hard. I think most students in Korea can speak English like me, and especially for me, I want to be in the music industry and need to communicate with foreigners in English. I want to work with a lot of famous musicians in the world, not just Korea.

Why did you decide to study at EC?
Actually, I came here without a student visa and the agency recommended four schools and I wanted to take an intensive course. EC’s standard of judging students’ English is more objective.

Why did you choose to study in New York City?
I was in Canada and my aunt is in New Jersey. It is very close to New York City so if she hadn’t been here then I wouldn’t have come. Because of her, I came here.

What did you like most about EC?
I think EC’s standard of grading students is objective.

What did you like most about living in New York City?
If I had to say, I would say it’s a good place for shopping, especially for me. There are cultural things like museums and theaters. And compared to Korea, it’s easy to have conversations with Americans. They have open minds.

Share a funny story:
I think I am one of the luckiest people in the world. This is my first time traveling. When coming here, I had to transfer my flight in China and on the airplane I met a woman. I was stuck at the airport for 21 hours with no accommodation. I made friends with the woman on the airplane who works for an airline company. The woman gave me a room because she was working for the airline. I couldn’t get a hotel because it was full, so she invited me to stay with her. I stayed at a stranger’s house in China. I survived, and I ate out with her husband.

Fun facts about Heejong:
I like DJing
My favorite food in Korea is kimchi. I can’t live without it.
My favorite food in New York is handmade burgers. Korea burgers are small and expensive. Here, they are huge and also taste much better. I will miss US burgers.


Heejong Improves his English at EC New York English CenterCongratulations, Heejong! You can improve your English too by taking English classes in New York at EC.