Meet Valentina from Austria! – EC New York Testimonial

Valentina Kuzmanovic from Tyrol, Austria studied English at EC New York for 2 weeks at a High Intermediate level.  

Valentina Kuzmanovic from Tyrol, Austria studied English at EC New York


What do you do in Austria?
I am studying at grammar school.

Why are you learning English?
Because I want to travel the world and if I want to communicate with people I have to learn English. Furthermore, English is the requirement to communicate with people all over the world.

Why did you choose to study at EC?
My travel agency recommended this school, so I chose it and it was the best choice ever!

Why did you decide to study English in New York City?
New York is one of the biggest cities in the world with the most diverse people. There is a lot of sightseeing. But the reason why I chose New York is because I love this city.

What did you like most about your EC Experience?
The students, the teachers, and of course the activities (especially yoga in Bryant Park!).

What did you like most about living in New York City?
First of all I loved to live with my host family. It was a great experience. But I liked also to travel to Manhattan, to see the skyscrapers, the kindness of people and also the amazing atmosphere of New York. Due to that experience I got a new point of view about my life.

Share a highlight or specific memorable experience:
My highlight in New York was the Top of the Rock. I won’t ever forget this view and the feeling I had when I saw Manhattan from above.


Where is your favorite place in New York City?
It’s Times Square. Because there are a lot of people and you have everything here.

What advice would you offer to a new student?
Just be yourself. Have an open mind and ask someone if you need help. The people there are really friendly. Enjoy every single day in New York, no matter how long you are going to stay! 

Share some fun facts about yourself:
I always wanted to travel the world. When I got the opportunity to travel to New York I was so excited because it was my first time traveling to a distance like that. Now after New York I’ve become open-minded and see the world from another perspective not only because of New York but also of traveling alone. After finishing my school I’m going to New York again but to live there for a long time.


Congratulations, Valentina!

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