Traveling in the United States

Minjung Chae is a Student Ambassador from Korea.  One of the requirements for participating in the program is writing blogs.  Here is Minnie’s blog about traveling within the United States:


Traveling in the United States – Part 1


Where would you like to visit in the United States? (Of course) New York? Boston? Los Angeles? San Francisco? Grand Canyon? When you hear this question, you might come up with somewhere that you want to go. In my case, my answer was “As many as possible!” and I kind of achieved my goal. I would like to tell you my trips in the United States.

I had many “Dream Cities” that I wanted to visit, but above all, some places in the Western Part of the United States. I went on a trip to go to quite many places in the Western Part for three weeks. My journey started in Los Angeles. I went to Venice Beach, Getti Center, Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and so on, but especially, I have to mention my favorite four places; Dodger Stadium, Universal Studio, Santa Monica Beach and Griffith observatory.

First, if you like Baseball games or even though you are not interested in Baseball games, Dodger Stadium is worth visiting once, because LA Dodgers is one of the most popular baseball teams in the U.S. and many people are crazy about the team. Also, LA Dodgers is well-known for their investment to their team, so you can enjoy a great baseball stadium and see nice games of the players.

Second, when you visit Los Angeles, you should go to Universal Studio where I had so much fun. In Universal Studio, there are many things to do; not only some enjoyable attractions, but also beautiful spots and many souvenir stores from the movies which we are familiar with. Especially, I highly recommend Transformer, Mummy and Jurassic Park rides. When I went to Universal Studio, there were relatively less people than usual time, so I rode those attractions at least three times for each one. Moreover, I highly recommend Studio Tour which we can experience many Hollywood studios directly and the Water Show which is a huge scale and an amazing show.