Thiago’s EC Experience

Thiago Moresi Tieri is a Student Ambassador at EC New York.  One of the requirements to participate in the program is writing a monthly blog in English, which is a published piece of writring.  Here is Thiago’s post:

Thiago's cat, Zeca, made the trip to New York, too!
Thiago’s cat, Zeca, made the trip to New York, too!


My experience in New York so far:

I arrived in New York City on August 7th alone. My girlfriend would arrive two days later with our kitten. It was summer here and I remember that this day was extremely hot. I was at JFK airport with three heavy luggages, so I realized that would be very hard to get a train, then I decided to pay for a cab.
August 9th was my first day at Ec New York and I was very excited. I took the test and got schedule A, which means three morning classes and Upper Intermediate level. My core classes teachers were Adriana and Cory and my english for work teachers were Mark and Ana. In less than 2 weeks, I made a lot of friends from all over the world and also created a very good relationship with all the professors and staff, since all of them are very kind. In fact, EC helps approaching staffs/teachers and students due to the fact that EC has several great activities every single day.
In September, I was invited to become a Student Ambassador and I totally agreed with that because I like meeting new people and I would be able to lead some of these amazing activities from EC. Furthermore, in the end of this month, I decided to change to TOEFL prep classes, because like I said in my last post, I need the TOEFL because I want to take my masters degree here in the US. On the other hand, I was very sad because I would have to leave my classmates and Adriana and Cory, but I knew that this was the right decision. On the last week of September, I started TOEFL classes and the teachers were Brett and Tatiana and within one day, I could realize how helpful teachers at EC are. Both Tatiana and Brett are very smart and they know how to teach students.
October was my first month as Student Ambassador and I led two activities. The first one was Bar Night and I went to a rooftop bar called Le Bain in Greewich Village. I went to this bar with more than 15 people and everyone had great time. My second activity was “lunch at Shake Shack” at 3rd avenue and many students loved both burgers and fries.
Finally, this November I also led two activities, one Brazilian dinner and one happy hour. The Brazilian dinner was awesome because I had the opportunity to go to a Brazilian restaurant with friends from all over the world and eat brazilian food, and moreover, all of them loved every dish. The happy hour is one activity at EC that, in my opinion, is the best way to meet new people, since every Monday there is a happy hour to gather new students and of course, old students are very welcome. I loved leading this happy hour because I could meet more new friends and my old friends from EC helped me to break the ice with those new students.

Another beautiful photo of Zeca, all grown up.  Welcome to New York, Zeca!
Another beautiful photo of Zeca, all grown up. Welcome to New York, Zeca!


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