Adriana from Poland Shares her EC Experience – testimonial

Adriana Zajaczkowska studied at EC New York for 2 weeks.  Here are some highlights of her experience:

Adriana in Manhattan
Adriana in Manhattan

Name: Adriana Zajaczkowska
How many weeks at EC: 2 weeks
Level: upper intermediate

Where are you from?
From Poland, Cracow

What do you do in your country?
I am engineering geologist and I carry out site investigation for the constructions by drilling, probing. I determine a bearing capacity of the ground for foundation of the construction.

Why are you learning English?
I learn and improve English language because I need it to my work (sometimes I collaborate with foreigners). Besides I love travelling and I want to meet and communicate with people. it is amazing.

Why did you choose to study at EC?
I choose EC school because I have heard this is the best English school. Before I arrive to New York I read a lot of opinions about this school and most of them were positive.

Why did you decide to study English in New York City?
Visit NYC always was my the biggest dream! I love this city, specific atmosphere its beauty. That`s why I decided to go here. I am very happy that I have been there and I am sure that I will go back to NYC.

What did you like most about your EC experience?
I enjoyed meeting people from all the world and EC teachers because they know how prepare interesting lessons (especially I would like to greet Maha).

What did you like most about living in New York City?
I love NYC and I was walking every day everywhere. I like dynamics of this city and great atmosphere.

Share a highlight of specific memorable experience:
Visit New York and EC school caused me more open for other people and I have more courage to speak English. It was incredible great experience and I would like to repeat it again in the future.

Where is your favorite place in New York City?
New York City gives us a lot of great places. Actually, on the every street or avenue we can find something interesting and special for us ( clubs, cafes, museums). My favorite place in New York is Brooklyn Bridge and a beautiful view of Manhattan and Central Park.

What advice would you offer to a new student?
I can say: be brave and fulfillment of your dreams. In EC School you can meet great people from all the world and have great fun with them. You can improve your language with amazing atmosphere. This the best way to learn language. Let`s do it and have fun!


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