World Teachers’ Day

World Teacher’s Day was celebrated all week last week at EC New York.  Our dynamic teachers received treats starting with bagels on Monday and ending with special certificate presentations and a catered lunch.  In honor of teachers, let’s look back at some famous teachers from the past from around the globe.

In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday. Not only was he a teacher, he was a philosopher and statesman. He requested that his birthday be a special day to honor teachers because he recognized teachers as being vital parts of society and without them progression wasn’t possible.  María Chinchilla’s memory honored in Guatemala on June 25th as Schoolteacher’s day.  Maria died on June 25, 1944 while carrying out a peaceful protest with 300 other teachers in order to get a pay increase for teachers’ salaries. She is now known as a martyr and national heroine because as a result of the demonstration, the country’s dictator General Ubico resigned.

Teacher’s day in Slovakia is March 28th because it’s the birthday of John Amos Comenius. He was a teacher, philosopher and writer in the 17th century.  In his Didactica Magna (Great Didactic), he proposed a system of schools that is the exact equal of the existing American system of kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, college, and university. In Turkey, Mustafa Ataturk adopted a new alphabet for the Turkish Republic in 1923 and on November 24, 1928 he accepted a position as head teacher of the country’s schools, so since 1981 Teachers’ Day has been celebrated on November 24th.

Teachers serve an important role in every society, so they deserve to be honored not only on one specific day, but every day of the year.  Here at EC New York, we appreciate our teachers for always going the extra mile. If you choose to study English in New York you will get to meet some of our lovely teachers.