Meet EC New York’s Newest Intern – Ken

Hi Everyone! I’m Ken and I come from Kyoto, Japan. I’m an intern at EC New York for two weeks. It’s a short period, but I hope I can help everyone during this time. Please talk to me about anything, and I’ll do my best to help you.Right now, I’m staying in Woodside, Queens and I’m living with a host family.They are so nice to me. The reason I came to New York is because I’d like to improve my English and experience working in other countries.

I was so surprised at this city because New York is so huge. All of the buildings are taller than my hometown’s buildings. My hometown has a policy for keeping old landscapes so we cannot make tall buildings and big signs. Also , we can’t choose a light color to paint them. We can choose colors like black, brown, and white. I’m studying English in a Japanese university. I have special friends in Japan. My friend group is global so it’s rare. So, I also can practice my English with my friends in Japan actually most of them had gone back to their country. That’s why I’m looking for new people to practice English and other languages with me. Making friends with locals is a good way to learn a new language. This is why I’m so excited to have an internship at an English School in New York USA

In my free time, I really like watching movies , listening to Japanese pop and taking photos. I’m going to travel to Europe this September. I’m so looking forward to taking a picture of beautiful buildings. I also can ski. I’ve done skiing since when I was child because my father has an instructor’s license so he always teaches us how to do skiing. And, he joins skiing group so they are going to good prefectures for skiing in 5 days. My family follows the group every year. Everyone says you love your foreign friends because when I talk about them, they can look at me with happy. I’m crazy about learning about English through talking with my friends. I enjoy studying English. But I need to study Spanish too. I’m going to Spain for studying abroad in this September. I’m interested in Spanish but I cannot speak Spanish just greeting, so I’m studying Spanish myself right now.  It’s so hard but it’s also fun. I’m going to Spain for five months. I’m going to attend an university. I don’t have to speak Spanish in the university but I need to speak Spanish outside so I can learn both of languages. I’d like to spend good time in New York and Spain!