March Madness Hits EC New York!

March Madness refers to one of the biggest, most exciting, basketball competitions. in college basketball in the United States, 68 teams compete each spring in seven rounds for the national championship. The second to last round is known as the Final Four, when there are only four teams left! most v … Read more

Top of the Rock: Another Great EC Experience

When many people think of the most important landmarks in New York, they often forget about Rockefeller Center. Perhaps that’s because Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 high-rise buildings and not just one single landmark. But what makes this landmark so special? This uniquely New York lan … Read more

Kayaking on the Hudson – EC New York Student Activity

What do you think of when you think of New York City? Skyscrapers? Taxi Cabs? Crowds of people? Well while those certainly are parts of our concrete jungle, most people don’t realize all the fun outdoor activities that you can participate in while in the Big Apple. Whether you are a beginner o … Read more

Check out our EC New York 30+ Rooftop Bar Activity

  What’s more New York than enjoying a cocktail on a rooftop in New York city? Each month the EC New York 30+ school tries to find a different bar or lounge to get drinks. Recently, the EC school went to Up on 20 Rooftop and Lounge, which is part of the Hyatt Hotel in Herald Square. The e … Read more

Got any plans for the weekend?

We have three! For those studying at a New York English School and would like to take a break from the busy city, we will be having weekend trips to three different cities on the east coast. First up is a 2-day tour of Washington DC, our nation’s capital, on October 12th and 13th where you can see t … Read more

The Amish Country

One of EC’s weekend trips is to the Amish Country. In the early 18th century, many Amish and Mennonites emigrated to Pennsylvania for a variety of reasons. Today, the most traditional descendants of the Amish continue to speak Pennsylvania German, also known as Pennsylvania Dutch. However, a d … Read more