Meet EC New York’s Newest Activity Leaders, Victoria and Danilo!

What’s that?! Two NEW additions to the EC New York team? You heard right! We would like to welcome our newest team members. Victoria Wong and Danilo Nestor will be our activity leaders for the duration of this summer. As activity leaders, they will be the folks who organize and implement summer activities to ensure that … Read more

The Amish Country

One of EC’s weekend trips is to the Amish Country. In the early 18th century, many Amish and Mennonites emigrated to Pennsylvania for a variety of reasons. Today, the most traditional descendants of the Amish continue to speak Pennsylvania German, also known as Pennsylvania Dutch. However, a dialect of Swiss German predominates in some Old … Read more

History of the 92Y

Founded in 1874 as the Young Men’s Hebrew Association by German-Jewish professionals and businessmen, 92nd Street Y has grown into an organization guided by Jewish principles but serving people of all races and faiths. 92Y serves over 400,000 people annually and offers over 200 programs a day. Its 33 program areas include community outreach; lectures … Read more

EC news

EC will open at 12:00 pm on Monday August 29th…