Meet EC New York’s Newest Intern – Ken

Hi Everyone! I’m Ken and I come from Kyoto, Japan. I’m an intern at EC New York for two weeks. It’s a short period, but I hope I can help everyone during this time. Please talk to me about anything, and I’ll do my best to help you.Right now, I’m staying in Woodside, Queens and I’m living with a host family.They are so nice to me. The reason I came to New York is because I’d like to improve my English and experience working in other countries. I was so surprised at this city because New York is so huge. All of the buildings are taller than my hometown’s buildings. My hometown has a policy for keeping old landscapes so we cannot make tall buildings and big signs. Also , we can’t choose a light color to paint them. We can choose colors like black, brown, and white. I’m studying English in a Japanese university. I have special friends in Japan. My friend group is global so it’s rare. So, I also can practice my English with my friends in Japan actually most of them had gone back to their country. That’s why I’m looking for new people to practice English and other languages with me. Making friends with locals is a good way to learn a new language. This is why I’m so excited to have an internship at an English School in New York USA In my free time, I really like watching movies , listening to Japanese pop and taking photos. I’m going to travel to Europe this September. I’m so looking forward to taking a picture of beautiful buildings. I also can ski. I’ve done skiing since when I was child because my father has an instructor’s license so he always teaches us how to do … Read more

New York skyline

5 Tips on Saving While Studying in New York

  Getting to know New York is the desire of many people who love to travel the world, and no wonder! This city is a paradise for those who love cultural activities, and certainly a great choice for those who want to learn English. Living in the “city that never sleeps” is synonymous with lots of leisure, cultural and other opportunities to meet people from all over the world. The Big Apple has so much to see and do, like countless plays, famous Broadway musicals, hip Times Square and Central Park, that trying to fit it all in can be hard for your budget! So researching, calculating, and getting some tips on how to save money can make the dream of taking an English language course in New York come true. Here are some tricks to save while you study, while still enjoying all the city has to offer. Travel in low season Every trip starts with planning for plane tickets. Keeping an eye on travel websites and airlines is task that requires patience. It is not uncommon to find several deals with superb ticket discounts, especially if you choose to travel in low season. When it comes to the United States, plan your trip for the months before the summer, such as March, April and May, for example, or when the heat is already saying goodbye, like August, September and October. English course location and accommodation   Another important factor that can keep a few extra bucks in your pocket is the choice of the English course. There are variables that can lower costs during your stay in the city, so when searching for schools, keep in mind the location. When choosing the school, also keep in mind the accommodation, since ideally the journey between both points should be … Read more

Student Ambassadors

Last week, we kicked off our Student Ambassador Program at EC New York. Student Ambassadors are students selected by teachers and staff members for their exemplary leadership, reliability, and team spirit. Many of these students are regularly nominated for Student of the Week at ECNY.  Students are nominated for Student of the Week when they have a high attendance rate, eagerly participate in class, and help other students when needed. As Ambassadors, students are expected to continue to contribute to the international team spirit, write blog posts, plan and lead activities, assist students from their countries, and help staff during school events. Sometimes new students come to EC and because they aren’t used to talking to native English speakers, they might be scared to talk directly to staff when they have questions.  Student Ambassadors can answer the new students’ questions and help them feel more comfortable when adjusting to their new environment. In exchange for their help, Student Ambassadors get access to free activities, experience working in English, published English writing, and a signed letter of recommendation from the Center Director to be used for school or job applications. Student Ambassadors receive extra opportunities to improve their English because they talk to native speakers (staff and teachers) and meet new students on orientation day. The recommendation letters they earn show potential employers and university admissions officers that they are willing to go above and beyond and they have the enthusiasm to help others. Our new Student Ambassadors are Momo Kirimichi from Japan, Steve Stoppa from Switzerland, Selim Mizouni from France, Laura Valentina Guacaneme Gallo from Colombia, and Minjung Ko from Korea. During our first meeting, we talked about next month’s activity calendar and started planning some school events. If you’re a current student and would like to become a Student … Read more

English in Action Student: Matay Barhe Background : Brooklyn Bridge

The “English in Action”Program – a practical way to improve your English!

  In this blog, we’ll describe and explain our program “English in Action” based on a participant, Matay, from Germany. Matay, 19 years old, is a High School graduate who decided to take a gap year after his graduation. However, Matay, who has great ambition and life-energy, didn’t just want to sit the whole year at home and do nothing. Instead,he desired to get new and important life experience combined with doing something good and something necessary for his future. After doing a little research, he found our very nice and well- located school (literally in the center of New York), which offered the perfect match of a program for his interests – English in Action! Our English in Action program gives its participants the opportunity to first improve their English by attending English classes, and then practice these new skills in the real business and working world of New York by doing an internship in a chosen field of work. Here’s Matay’s experience as a program participant: “The moment I stepped into the classroom, I got directly welcomed with a nice and warm greeting from my teacher. We began our first school day with an introduction round of the teacher and my new classmates. After that, the whole thing felt even more exciting because of the thought to study English with people from all over the world and even in a different country! Most of the students were very open and interested, so we really got to know each other very fast. After our regular class, we often got together to do something in New York. This was a great benefit for me (I personally hate being a lonely tourist). Furthermore, besides classes and free time, I also had to stay in consistent contact with my coordinator from the school, who helped … Read more

EC New York 30+ Student, Khotchaporn Kitcharoen gives helpful advice for studying English

Khotchaporn “Kate” Kitcharoen has been at EC New York since February 2018. After nearly twelve weeks of studying English, she leaves some helpful advice for students who are wishing to study the language.   When your purpose to come to NY is studying English, one thing you should keep in mind is “don’t be afraid f making mistakes because you are in an unfamiliar country.”   Learning English isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard to succeed. If you are a beginner, you should learn English in a sentence form. That is to say, you should listen a lot and try to copy sentences a native speaker says. The more you listen and imitate, the more fluently you will speak. Listening is the key to learning English. Before you can speak like, or almost like English native speakers, you will automatically learn how to pronounce and make intonation from listening. It is a natural way as you have acquired your mother tongue language. First you listen, next you speak, and after that, more complicated skills like reading and writing will come after.   For the first step, forget all the grammar rules. I’m not telling you that the English grammar is not important, but if you are worried about this too much while you are trying to speak, it will obstruct you from accomplishing your goal. Personally, I have a direct experience of these problems in speaking English. I’ve learned English as a second language since I was in grade one. However, I’ve studied the grammar rules a lot and hardly practiced speaking and listening. Wen I spoke with native speakers for the first time, I could not speak out because I was worried that I would speak incorrectly, not in grammatical patterns. No doubt! The conversation ended quickly and it … Read more

Meet one of our student ambassadors, Dilek Musluoglu from Turkey!

Dilek Musluoglu is from Istanbul, Turkey. She was studying English at EC New York from October to December last year. She had a great time at EC New York and loved it, so she decided to come back to EC New York to study English again. This time, she joined our student ambassador program to help students from the same country and she has been doing a great job. We asked Dilek to share her experiences at EC New York and here is what she said. She is studying English because it is one of the most important skills to get a good job in Turkey. She needs to understand English well and professionally write emails in English. In addition, she wants to work for a language school in the future so English is one of the necessary skills for her. She has been studying English in New York because her agent recommended New York as a city for her to study. There are tons of people from all over the world. She can easily meet new people and know not only American culture, but also foreign cultures. Furthermore, she needs to do housework by herself in New York. She feels more independent in New York which in turn makes her stronger and more mature. She loves EC New York because there are many students from all over the world. She has made a lot of friends from different countries such as South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil and so on. They are all friendly and open-minded. She keeps in touch with them even after they graduate from EC. She can keep improving her English through communicating with them and she can also visit their countries. EC is a good place to make lifelong friends. In addition, the staff pays attention to every student … Read more

YouTube Celebrity, Iraklii from Russia, shares his experience at EC New York English Language Center

Iraklii Gaprindashvili is from Moscow, Russia. He studied English at EC New York for 2 weeks. He was studying about real estate management and just graduated from his university. After graduating from university, he became a YouTube video blogger. As a video blogger, he captures his life through memories and shares them with the world. At this time,  he has over 150,000 subscribers now. He enjoys sharing his lifestyle and his interactions with others with his viewers. This is Iraklii’s second visit to New York. He fell in love with the city after seeing its diversity and cosmopolitan spirit. When he had to pick a location to study English, it was a no brainer! Iraklii has come to love New York even more this time! According to him, “When I wake up and open my eyes, I feel a lot of motivation, inspiration, and energy every day.” Living in New York has made him want to do something new and improve his career by taking more interesting videos. He feels that New York is one of the most inspiring cities around the world. Iraklii chose EC New York to study English because his friends recommended it. Now he knows that he made the right decision. He liked the ways of teaching that are totally different from Russian ones. They were dynamic and interesting. One day, he went to Grand Central Terminal with a teacher and students during his class. He thinks that teachers know various ways of teaching, which are good. These are interesting and fun. In addition, he made a lot of friends from different countries such as Switzerland, South Korea, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan during his stay. He didn’t have this type of opportunity to share lessons with those who come from different countries before. Therefore, it was a new experience for him … Read more

Sunday Walking Tours Help Students Learn about New York and Each Other

When you register for ESL Courses at EC New York, you will be welcomed to take part in a walking tour. The walking tour is held every Sunday at 14:30 in front of the school. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know the sights and attractions surrounding our school. Some of the landmarks you are going to see on your walking tour include Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. However, beyond learning about some great places in New York, the walking tour also helps students to learn some very practical things. You will learn where the nearest subway station is as well as how to determine which direction you are walking (i.e. North, South, East, or West).   The walking tour is also a great opportunity to meet other new students who will be starting their course on the same day as you. This is a great opportunity to build your connection with other students before you start. It can also help shy students to break out of their shells and practice English in a comfortable setting. All walking tours are guided by our activity leader, who is always there to help you navigate through New York and through the English language. So what are you waiting for? Why not sign up for an English class today!    

“I’m sure this experience is going to be precious for me!”

Jamila Angele Caldini is from Switzerland. She has been studying at EC New York since September 5th and will continue studying until November 24th. She just graduated from her high school and came to New York to study English and prepare for the Cambridge Exam. She shares her experience at EC and in New York and here is what she said. She is studying English because English is one of the most important skills in Switzerland to get a good job. She also thinks that she needs English for her school. She likes learning languages because it makes her knowledge widen and English is one of the most international languages in the world. She chose to study in New York because she loves New York very much. New York has tons of fun and interesting activities and there is always something to do here. She can easily find what she wants here. She likes EC because of its activities, teachers and mix of nationalities. EC offers various kinds of activities that students can make a lot of new friends. She has made many friends through these activities. There are many students from all over the world so she can make many international friends at school. In addition, the teachers always prepare for the classes well. They try to make classes fun and interesting. She recommends going sightseeing as much as possible because there are famous places in New York and they have different good points. She also recommends going shopping because there are various kinds of famous and popular shops here. She plans to go back to her country after she graduates from EC. She wants to find what she wants to do in the future. She is sure that this experience is definitely going to be precious and great … Read more

Dahyun Heo from South Korea shares her EC Experience

Dahyun Heo is from South Korea. She has been studying at EC New York from August 7th and will continue studying until February. She is a university student in her country, South Korea. Her major is Art history. She shared her experience at EC and in New York and here is what she said. She is studying English because she wants to make many friends from all over the world. English is one of the most international languages around the world. If she can improve her English, she can easily get to know those who come from different countries and make many international friends. She thinks that English will make her life more fruitful. She can experience a lot of things through English. She chose to come to New York because she likes Fashion. There are various styles of fashion and there are many famous and popular shops here in New York. She can know various kinds of fashion styles by living here. She can also meet many people from different countries here and get to know of them easily. She likes EC because there are a lot of students from different countries. In Korea, she didn’t have much opportunities to meet people from other countries. She made a lot of friends from all over the world after she came to New York and they are always open and friendly. She likes listening to music and dancing in her free time. She plans to go back to her country, South Korea after she graduates from EC. She will start studying at her University again. She recommends to go to museums here because there are various kinds of museums. She especially recommends to go to Museum of Modern Art and Guggenheim Museum. She also recommends to go to rooftop bars and parks … Read more