World Teachers’ Day

World Teacher’s Day was celebrated all week last week at EC New York.  Our dynamic teachers received treats starting with bagels on Monday and ending with special certificate presentations and a catered lunch.  In honor of teachers, let’s look back at some famous teachers from the past from around the globe. In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday. Not only was he a teacher, he was a philosopher and statesman. He requested that his birthday be a special day to honor teachers because he recognized teachers as being vital parts of society and without them progression wasn’t possible.  María Chinchilla’s memory honored in Guatemala on June 25th as Schoolteacher’s day.  Maria died on June 25, 1944 while carrying out a peaceful protest with 300 other teachers in order to get a pay increase for teachers’ salaries. She is now known as a martyr and national heroine because as a result of the demonstration, the country’s dictator General Ubico resigned. Teacher’s day in Slovakia is March 28th because it’s the birthday of John Amos Comenius. He was a teacher, philosopher and writer in the 17th century.  In his Didactica Magna (Great Didactic), he proposed a system of schools that is the exact equal of the existing American system of kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, college, and university. In Turkey, Mustafa Ataturk adopted a new alphabet for the Turkish Republic in 1923 and on November 24, 1928 he accepted a position as head teacher of the country’s schools, so since 1981 Teachers’ Day has been celebrated on November 24th. Teachers serve an important role in every society, so they deserve to be honored not only on one specific day, but every day of the year.  Here at EC New York, we appreciate our teachers for always going the extra … Read more

NYC Local Attraction- The Nutella Cafe

Nuts about the Nutella Café by Teacher Nolan I came across the following quote on Pinterest:  “Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy Nutella and that’s basically the same thing.”  And after visiting the Nutella Café, it’s easy to agree with this quote.The second Nutella Café in the United States opened in New York City last year (the first of its kind opened in Chicago).  The café is conveniently located on University Place in Greenwhich Village, just a short walk from beautiful Union Square (and the Union Square subway station). The café is a perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon reading an English book (while sipping on a cup of coffee and enjoying a decadent pastry), meet up with new friends to practice your conversation skills, or even buy a few unique gifts for friends and family who have sweet tooth. The delicious nutty chocolate spread is the star of the café’s extensive menu, which includes items such as pastries, crêpes, a family-style fondue, waffles and gelatos – plenty of options for any season or mood.  But if it all sounds a little too sweet for you, the café also offers savory menu options. If there are just too many choices for you, take-away options are always a good idea. On your way out, be sure to check out some of the cool Nutella merchandise available, such as coffee mugs, tumblers, personalized Nutella jars and even Nutella-shaped USBs. These items would make cool souvenirs or gifts for friends. Places like these are why it’s a special experience to study English in New York. There are so many fun things to do and see in the city and they are perfect places to meet local people and practice English conversation skills or take your classmates for an enjoyable time to get to know each … Read more

NYC activity- Indoor Rock Climbing

When you study English in New York you have so many choices when it comes to activities.  Activities are a great way to practice your English conversation skills and make new friends!   Let us introduce you to a sport’s activity we found just for you! What is it? The Cliffs location offer the best indoor climbing experience for every level from the beginner to the expert. You can choose your way to challenge yourself physically and mentally on multiple climbing walls.  It’s also an experience where you can forge friendships with local or school people. Whatever the weather is, you can choose this activity to share a good moment and in the same time have a fun workout. What do you need to bring? If you don’t have any climbing equipment, you can also rent the entire Gear (climbing shoes, harness + chalk bag) on the spot. The only thing you have to wear is some comfortable or sport clothes. What will happen when you arrive at the location? First you have to watch a short video that explains every particularity regarding the activity and the rules you have to respect there. After that, you will be able to sign the waiver asking by the staff. They will introduce you how to use the equipment and how to choose the difficult in line with level.  The facility is open every day from 6am-12am during the week and 6am-2am during the weekend. The location is 11-11 44th Dr, Long Island City, NY 11101. You can take subway lines E, M, 7, G subway lines to Court Square-23rd St.  For a day pass without equipment the cost is $32.  If you need to rent equipment the price goes up to $44.  If you show your student ID then you can get a discount. You must be 16 … Read more

Fun Upcoming Event in NYC: The Feast of San Gennaro

Upcoming Event in NYC: The Feast of San Gennaro When you study English in New York, there are so many events to enjoy during your free time! The Feast of San Gennaro is a popular event in Little Italy, from September 12-22, 2019 with Italian food and free entertainment. The Feast of San Gennaro began in September 1926 when Italian immigrants arrived and made this neighborhood their own, to maintain their tradition they started to celebrate San Gennaro day with a street fair that has been happening for 93 years. The major highlight of the festival is the Grand Procession of the statue of San Gennaro, the Procession starts at 2 pm on the last Saturday of the feast, September 21st, so if you really want to live the full Italian experience, follow the parade! The feast also features the traditional Italian American street fair along Mulberry Street serving some of the most excellent Italian food in NYC, like cannoli, sausages, zeppole, fried dough, torrone cookies, and sausage-and-pepper sandwiches. There’s even a cannoli-eating competition on September 13th at 1pm and a meatball-eating competition on September 21st at 1pm. Date/time: September 12-22,2019, starts in the morning but live entertainment starts at 7:30pm Location: Mulberry Street between Canal and Houston street Cost: free to enter but you will have to pay for food & drinks Age: for everybody, it’s a family friend event How you can get there: by train, take the yellow line (N,Q,R,W) to Canal Street Station After eating and enjoying the festival you can walk in SoHo, visit stores and cafes. You can also go to Battery Park to enjoy the view of Hudson River, do some sports like football at Pier 40 or just enjoy the sunset at Rockefeller park. If you want more culture you can take a … Read more

EC New York Lecture

How to Use Lectures to Improve your English

This month’s lecture at EC New York has come and gone. We hope you enjoyed learning about Hurricanes with our Lead Teacher, Tatiana. Attending a lecture is not only a great way to develop your listening skills, but it can also be used to build vocabulary and even practice writing and speaking. How? Read on! First things first, you can’t attend a lecture and hope that you will remember everything; our monthly lectures at EC New York English school are designed to be an hour to an hour and a half long, that’s a lot of information to retain. It is important that you try to take notes. So, here are some note-taking tips: Don’t write everything you hear! You will eventually be unable to keep up and get lost. Only write the main ideas. Speakers often present their lecture overview at the beginning of the talk, make sure you write it down, it will help organize your notes; outlines and overviews are built with the speaker’s main points. Use headings and sub-headings Use points and keep your sentences short. Use abbreviations and symbols to replace words in your sentences, it will help you write faster. (For example: main character = MC or, using an arrow pointing up to replace words like ‘more’ or ‘increase’) Underline or highlight keywords. These are the words that the speaker explains and repeats a lot during the talk. For vocabulary building, draw a line to dividing your paper to create a ‘Vocabulary List’ section. In it, you can write new words introduced by the speaker or expressions that you heard and liked. You can always use an English-English dictionary to look up any new words that might not have been explained by the speaker. There are two ways you can practice speaking during and … Read more

Times Square

Study English and Experience New Learning Methods in New York

Do you want to study academic English, learn the language of work and business, or simply increase your conversation skills by mastering the English language? Whatever your reasons, New York is the perfect place for you. Study English in New York and experience new ways of learning by exploring this wonderful city. New York is the city that never sleeps. Take the opportunity to learn English just minutes from 5th Avenue, the Empire State Building and everything you could want from an extraordinary learning adventure. You will learn about a new culture, broaden your vision of the world and make lasting friendships by practising and improving your skills. The double banking timetable at EC New York is specifically designed for students who wish to develop enough language skills to be able to find work abroad or who are looking for a fun and authentic experience in an international place. The schedule consists of morning lessons one day and afternoon lessons the following day, with reliable and experienced professional teachers. This type of programme offers students enough flexibility to study and explore the local area or look for job opportunities. Everything you need to know about English in New York Living abroad will put your skills into practice every day. As you will be surrounded by English speakers, you will be involved and you will have to get involved: asking for information, going to the cinema and chatting with the people. All of these will prove to be useful exercises for improving your language skills. The highly specialised teaching we offer will allow you to communicate in every situation. You will become confident in interacting with colleagues and will be able to use English to achieve highly specific goals. Classes are based on the linguistic competence of each student, their nationality and … Read more

EC New York 30+ Student, Khotchaporn Kitcharoen gives helpful advice for studying English

Khotchaporn “Kate” Kitcharoen has been at EC New York since February 2018. After nearly twelve weeks of studying English, she leaves some helpful advice for students who are wishing to study the language.   When your purpose to come to NY is studying English, one thing you should keep in mind is “don’t be afraid f making mistakes because you are in an unfamiliar country.”   Learning English isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard to succeed. If you are a beginner, you should learn English in a sentence form. That is to say, you should listen a lot and try to copy sentences a native speaker says. The more you listen and imitate, the more fluently you will speak. Listening is the key to learning English. Before you can speak like, or almost like English native speakers, you will automatically learn how to pronounce and make intonation from listening. It is a natural way as you have acquired your mother tongue language. First you listen, next you speak, and after that, more complicated skills like reading and writing will come after.   For the first step, forget all the grammar rules. I’m not telling you that the English grammar is not important, but if you are worried about this too much while you are trying to speak, it will obstruct you from accomplishing your goal. Personally, I have a direct experience of these problems in speaking English. I’ve learned English as a second language since I was in grade one. However, I’ve studied the grammar rules a lot and hardly practiced speaking and listening. Wen I spoke with native speakers for the first time, I could not speak out because I was worried that I would speak incorrectly, not in grammatical patterns. No doubt! The conversation ended quickly and it … Read more

There’s No Better Place to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than New York City!

According to National Geographic magazine, New York City is the best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s day! Our concrete jungle beat out some amazing cities around the world, and even those in Ireland! New York is about to become Shamrock city! In order to enjoy this holiday, be sure to wear green clothes and join in on the annual St. Patrick’s day Parade. The New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the world’s largest St. Patrick’s day celebration. The parade starts on 44th street and 5th avenue, goes up 5th avenue, and passes by St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It finishes around 5pm by 79th street. This parade is unique because there are no floats or cars in the parade. The parade will feature bands, bagpipes, and dancers. This parade began in 1762, which makes this particular parade older than the United States!   It is also typical to celebrate this holiday by drinking a green beer! Whatever you choose to do, drink in moderation, stay safe, and wear green! Take a look at some of our favorite St. Patrick’s day photos from EC New York ESL Center.  

What New York City landmark are you most like?

So you’ve finally made it to EC New York English Language Center and you’re about to start your studies. With such a bustling city at your fingertips, which New York City landmark should you check out first? Don’t stress, let us find the best landmark for you. From the calming green landscape of Central Park to the hustle and bustle of Times Square, New York City offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into American culture, with a different experience in each of our great landmarks. Remember learning English goes beyond the classroom. Whether it’s on Wall Street practicing your negotiation skills or at Yankee Stadium using your sports slang, living and studying in New York provides a truly immersive experience. Click on the image below and find out which landmark in New York City is best for you!

“The teachers make every single class fun and interesting!” Testimonial with Inyoung Choi

Inyoung Choi is from Seoul, South Korea. She has been studying at EC New York from February and will continue studying until September. She is a university student in her country. Her major is education. She plans to change her major to child welfare. She is studying English because she wants to communicate with people from all over the world. English is one of the most international languages around the world. She chose to come to New York to study English because it is one of the biggest cities all over the world. She is used to living in a big city because she is from Seoul, which is the capital of South Korea and one of biggest cities there. Therefore, New York is the perfect place to live for her. In addition, New York has good transportation. She doesn’t have a driver’s license but she can go wherever she wants by trains and buses. In addition, basically New Yorkers speak English fast so she thinks that it is a good chance to improve her listening and if she can get used to it, she can understand English that is spoken by people from any other cities. There is always something to do in New York. There are a lot of museums, galleries and shops that never make her bored in New York. There are always many chances at EC to encounter students from all over the world and make international and lifelong friends. The teachers are also a good part of EC New York. They try to make every single class fun and interesting. She wants to study at a university in America or Canada. She also wants to live in a foreign country and work there in the future. She doesn’t want to stay in only one country … Read more