Free Pronunciation Classes!

Having trouble with one of the trickiest elements of studying English ? Even if you’re doing incredibly well in all your other skills, improving your pronunciation can feel nearly impossible.  Some sounds literally feel impossible for your mouth to produce. We hold free Pronunciation Classes every month where you will get personalized attention and work on specific problem areas of English language pronunciation. So see you then! Note: These free classes are only for students who are currently enrolled in an English course at EC New York.  

Beach Poetry

Eun Bi Go, a pre-intermediate student, wrote a poem today in class.  She first read a story about a boy who enjoyed sitting on the beach and playing with the sand.  Eun Bi chose words and phrases from the story that appealed to her and constructed them into a poem: A Poem Stones and shells Look and look as far as . . . Gaze up at the clouds Beach nets Idly throwing sand Clouds – Eun Bi Go When asked what feelings her poem conveyed, Eun Bi replied, “relaxing, peaceful, and lazy.” Sometimes studying English can be difficult, frustrating, and boring.  Yet sometimes it can be fun, and even beautiful.

Students In Style

Sadly, Halloween is over and the winter months are approaching. Holiday decorations are appearing in the stores and streets of New York. Though we are halfway through November, these last Halloween pictures are too good to leave off the blog. Here are a few extra photos of EC New York students in Time Square outside the school. Don’t be fooled by their appearance! These devils, cats and vampires are actually diligent English students. (The horse costume wins for “most realistic”). 🙂

The TOEFL Experience

  After taking the TOEFL,  two students sent EC their comments about their experience in an exam preparation course.  Though the TOEFL is a challenging test, studying for it can be rewarding and even fun.  Here are the reflections of Jiyoung and Ophelie. Ophelie: “The writing part of the TOEFL class helped me because during the TOEFL test I really felt confident. I was at ease when I wrote. I would advise my classmates to stay calm and to always look at the timer. I was looking at the timer without knowing if I had time to answer everything. That was hard to manage. However, it’s not only negative things. I had good moments when I was sure about what I was answering. That was an incredible experience for me. That was my first time studying abroad and I feel like I have learnt so much; it’s impressive! No matter what the result will be I know that I improved a lot!!!!” Jiyoung: “I think the listening, speaking and writing class parts of the TOEFL class are so helpful on the exam. Because the classes are not that different from the real test, I was quite comfortable taking those parts of the test. I would advise my classmates to practice everything by computer as much as they can. Also, I would study more vocabulary. It sounds strange, but I’m still missing the TOEFL classes.”


On a chilly Wednesday evening last week half the students of EC New York went to the US Open.  Christy and Enes led the group to the stadium in Queens.  Enes comments: “The best part was the match between Federer and Gruel.  It was a close match.  Also, seeing all the celebrities there added to the excitement . . . like Kim Cantrall from Sex and the City, and Common.  But getting there on the subway was half the fun!” – Enes Though some students were ambivalent about going to the event, they returned to school Thursday morning raving about the fun they had.  Apparently, tennis fans in America are crazy!

Letters to the Editor

Last week the Intermediate II class wrote letters to the Editor concerning three very interesting events: No Car Day, Buy Nothing Day, and TV Turn Off Week. Here are three phenomenal responses: Dear Editor, No Car Day is a horrendous idea for NY City. For one thing, NY is too vast to walk. Can you imagine that a man who wears a nice suit riding a tiny bicycle and sipping a Starbucks coffee? Or can you believe a woman who wears a gorgeous suit riding a scooter? And, they would probably say, “We are enjoying No Car Day?” I don’t think so! I know we have the Metro, but will you like the dirty, boiling air and can you enjoy being stuck at every stop? How about sticky bars and the smell of people’s sweat? It’s terrifying! In addition, think about the smell of urine, the bus seats and noise. Also, they are stopping too often. I think they are less fast than my tiny dog. And maybe, it will take me forever to go home. Don’t mention the air pollution. It has been bad forever. And I don’t have any responsibility! Instead you should consider people’s stress rates from the No Car Day. I hope this event never ever happens, even though it’s just for one day. -Paris Hilton (written by Su jung Choi) —– Dear Editor, I can’t see how a person can be uninterested in an advertisement like TV Turn Off Week. First of all, I believe it’s a good way to get children out from in front of the television and outside exercising. It’s also positive for families to spend more quality time with each other in a healthy way. It’s terrifying to think about the future with all of the violence on television and in … Read more


A few weeks ago we had an incredible talent show here at EC New York.  Our students and staff impressed and shocked each other with performances in opera, dancing, guitar, violin, and more.  Click the link to see short clips of each performance.  The full DVD is available at the school.  Enjoy EC talent! EC Talent Show []

Governor’s Island

Recently, Ena, the student counselor,  took some students to Governor’s Island for the City of Water Festival.  They took a boat tour to see the different harbors of New York City including the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Brooklyn Bridge.  “It was a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Saturday,” says Ena.  Check out these pictures of the students enjoying a New York summer day: