Beach Poetry

Eun Bi Go, a pre-intermediate student, wrote a poem today in class.  She first read a story about a boy who enjoyed sitting on the beach and playing with the sand.  Eun Bi chose words and phrases from the story that appealed to her and constructed them into a poem: A Poem Stones and shells Look and … Read more

The TOEFL Experience

  After taking the TOEFL,  two students sent EC their comments about their experience in an exam preparation course.  Though the TOEFL is a challenging test, studying for it can be rewarding and even fun.  Here are the reflections of Jiyoung and Ophelie. Ophelie: “The writing part of the … Read more

Daydreaming in the Park

Last week the Pre Intermediate elective class went to Bryant Park, a beautiful spot just one block away from EC New York.  At the park, they did some daydreaming and Francesco wrote a short piece about his thoughts.  Take a look! “It’s very hot.  I’m on the beach with my girlfriend … Read more