Amazing Lessons, Amazing Teachers – Akira’s Testimonial

Akira studied in our Academic Year English programme. Here is his story: At last the day I leave the school has come.It’s very hard to write and speak about my feelings since I’ve been studying here for a long time, one year or so. Now I feel bittersweet. I really appreciate all teachers who I met in the school. Speaking of which, Nolan and Amy were my first teachers and they taught me the fun of English in New York City. To be honest, I was extremely shy when I arrived here and also was worried about everything I would experience. If I hadn’t met them, my NY life possibly would have gone bad. Gabe and Emily were my second teachers. I’m also grateful to them for their amazing lessons.At that time, I was so depressed that all my best friends I met here were leaving. But they encouraged me every time. So I could keep studying without losing passion. After 3 or 4 months, I was feeling a bit bored studying English in spite of the great lessons. So for a change of pace, I decided to join the Cambridge class. Cory, Emil, Brett, Sarah, Jessie and Alena were the teachers when I took it. As their class were amazing, all classmates were able to focus on each of the classes easily. I hadn’t known anything about Cambridge exam until I enrolled in the course. But, for sure, I believe that I could improve a lot in the class. Well, maybe I could have worked and studied harder than I actually did though… Anyway, I’m glad to have been able to study there. Lastly, Jamey, Austin, Tiffany, Helen, John, Saran and Kaori! Thanks for all your help. Maybe the reason why I love EC was built by them. Especially, … Read more

Building English skills and confidence – Hanjoo’s Testimonial

Hanjoo studied in our TOEFL preparation course.  Hello, I am Hanjoo Bae and many friends know me as Andy. I have been here for six months during this time. I have had experienced not only such cultural activities, but also a great educational improvement. At first time, I was in low intermediate. It was very lucky for me, given the fact that I met nice friends and teachers. The teachers of that class were Nick and Jonathan, who were my first teachers at EC New York. They were very nice and always encouraged us to build up our English skills and confidence. Few weeks later, I moved up to High Intermediate class, the level was two levels higher than the previous one. There was a teacher, his name was Drew and his class was so academic that I improved my English skills again with him. I like that kind of class. Anyway, I moved up again to Upper Intermediate class and changed my course to TOEFL. The time that I was in TOEFL class was about half of my EC life. What I liked the most about TOEFL class were the teachers. Tatiana, Jesse, and Brett, they were so enthusiastic and humorous that I was able to concentrate on my studies and be entertained at the same time. Among them, it is no stretch to think that Tatiana was my best teacher, since she contributed to my improvement in TOEFL speaking which happened to be my weakest part. She was also my tutor who mentally supported me as well. For these reasons, I don’t regret choosing ECNY as my English Institute and I will never forget these fragrant memories.

EC New York English classes help students achieve goals

Pelin studied in our Intensive English program from December through March of this year. Additionally, she opted to spend part of her intensive program in our English for Work course. In this course, she learned a variety of business English skills including negotiating, writing a CV, job interview skills, business case studies and more. Here are some words from Pelin about her experience at EC New York:  I can recommend EC English- New York because of the friendly atmosphere and you can meet many different people from all across the world. I discovered so many things in New York. Now I’m feeling more confident in my English and planning to do an MBA in New York. I hope I will come back again! Good luck for everyone! Good luck to YOU, Pelin!  For more information about the variety of courses we offer at EC New York, check out our course site here.  

English Private Lessons in New York: Is it right for me?

With all the options of English courses that EC New York has to offer, it can be difficult to know which course to take. Private lessons may be another available option that can make the decision a bit more confusing. If you’re having difficulty deciding which type of course you should take at EC New York, Inc., please read on to find out the reasons why you should register for English Private Lessons in New York. You prefer to study alone. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s very important to know that much of your studying and practice will be alone. Of course you will have the guidance of a teacher, but there will be no other students to share ideas with or learn from. This is an important part of a class dynamic that you lose when taking individual private lessons. On the other hand, you will get the undivided attention of a single instructor who can assess your language needs and help you improve. Additionally, if you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, the teacher can design lessons that will maximize these strengths. You want to have an intensive learning experience. In private lessons, the class schedule and pacing are dependent on you as the individual learner. This way, time can be spent focusing on your weakest areas and avoiding areas you are strong in. Additionally, because you are not in a class atmosphere, you do not have to feel rushed if you need to spend extra time on a particular area or feel that the course is going to slow if you are mastering a particular idea. This way you can feel extremely challenged in a short period of time. You have specific linguistic needs. Do you need to use English in a work … Read more

5 Cool Things to do in NYC for FREE

By Austin Yang As you probably know by now, New York City isn’t cheap! Whether it is buying a ticket to a Broadway show or paying money to take a picture with a Disney character, these expenses can sure add up. But you can still have fun and try out cool new things for the price of…… ZERO dollars! Yes, you read it correctly. There are events, art galleries, parks, and more! Here are the Top 5 FREE fun things to do in NYC: 1) Central Park With spring coming, why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and experience Manhattan’s illustrious urban park. At this time of the year, Central Park has many free events and gorgeous scenic views from all corners. There are also many statues that are fixtures there along with the rest of the landscape. I highly recommend this place to those of you who enjoy spending time outdoors and basking in the warm sunlight. 2) Chelsea Galleries The Chelsea district offers fine art galleries that are open to the public year round. Some of the more recognized galleries include Petzel Gallery (456 W. 18th st), Hauser & Wirth (511 W. 18th st), David Zwirner (519, 525 and 533 W. 19th st), and Barbara Gladstone (515 W. 24th st) Be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of contemporary art or just have a taste for fine art! Afterwards, you can practice discussing art at your English private lessons in New York! 3) Governor’s Island (Opens to the public in May 2014) Did you know the ferry to Gov. Island is free? Every summer you have access to the ferry via route of either Brooklyn or Manhattan, whichever port happens to be closest to you. The island was actually a military outpost at one … Read more

EC New York Social Program: Basketball game in Brooklyn

There is a new basketball team in New York!…The Brooklyn Nets. The Nets recently moved over from the Hudson River to Brooklyn with the help of rapper Jay-Z. The Brooklyn Nets are one of the most talented NBA teams with stars like Deron Williams and Joe Johnson along with newcomers to the team Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Collins. Even if you are not a basketball fan, visiting the Barclays Center where the Nets play is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The arena is the newest and most modern of the 32 arenas in the NBA.  Once there, one cannot help but notice the parquet floors (this means they have cool geometric patterns.) The next game will be on Friday, March 21st against their division rivals the Boston Celtics. Tickets are $45 cash only and the deadline to sign up is Wednesday March 19th, so after classes or your one to one English lessons in New York be sure to go the front desk and sign up with Saran. Who knows? You might see Jay-Z sitting courtside enjoying the game with Beyoncé. By Saran Wilson

Learn English Quickly: Writing Topic Sentences

Before writing an essay for a level test or your homework, it’s important to think about not just your main idea (topic) but also what you want to say about your idea. In English writing, we have a sentence at the beginning of a paragraph called a topic sentence. Topic sentences contain two elements: 1) a topic and 2) what you want to say about the topic. This sentence allows your reader to know what to expect and to better understand your ideas. Most importantly, the topic sentence should be interesting and get the attention of your reader. If you have a boring topic sentence, no one will want to read more. Here are some topic sentences of essays students have written about their mothers: “When I think of superheroes, the first person that I think of is my mother.” “No matter how difficult things were, my mother always took care of us.” “My mother could make anyone laugh, even my angry brother.” All of these topic sentences are interesting, and they make the reader want to read more. The sentences below are examples of dull or boring topic sentences: “My mother is beautiful.” “My mother is so special.” “I love my mother.” Finally, the topic sentence should relate to all the sentences after it in the paragraph. Everything you write after the topic sentence should support the topic sentence. I recommend practicing writing topic sentences to help you learn English quickly. Here are three topic sentences from a movie review: 1)      The Last Samurai features actors from Japan and the U.S. 2)      The Last Samurai  is a good movie, but not a great one. 3)      The Last Samurai is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Which topic sentence should go at the start of the following paragraph? _______________________________________________________________________. … Read more

Download These Apps Now to Improve Your English

By Jamey Sadownick We are often glued to our smartphones these days. Instead of playing Angry Birds or buying everything you can on Groupon, why not use your smartphone or tablet to help you learn English? Here is a list of the top 5 Apps for English Language Learning: 1. Wordbook English Dictionary and Thesaurus ($1.99) – Every student should have an English-English dictionary. Instead of lugging around a heavy paper dictionary, why not have the English language available at your fingertips? With one click, you can find a definition, listen to the correct pronunciation of a word, and more.  There’s a thesaurus so you can find similar or opposite words. You can click on the “Word of the Day” to learn new vocabulary, and there are also games and puzzles to help you learn. 2.. Heads Up  ($0.99) – This is a really fun game to practice English with your friends. With a wide variety of categories to choose from, a word will appear on your phone or Ipad that you show to your friends. Your friends give you clues and you must guess as many words as you can before time runs out! This game was featured on the “Ellen” show. For Intermediate and above students, I highly recommend trying this out! 3. Scramble With Friends (Free) – This is another word game that you play with others online. You are given two minutes to make as many words as you can with the letters given. Then your opponent is given a chance to make as many words as they can with the same letter set. Whoever gets the most points (and the best words) win. 4. Vocabulary HD – A great way to increase your vocabulary. This app includes over 500 words and five levels of difficulty. You can listen … Read more

Digital Storytelling Projects Today!

As the current 6 week session of Digital Storytelling draws to a close, AY students get ready to debut their final projects: A mixed media slide show that they each wrote, read and produced themselves. A personal statement is a short presentation about yourself and your goals that could be of interest to a school or company. Student work is guided and monitored by experienced teachers who will help you create a project that is unique and powerful.  Digital Stories can be used in applications to universities and jobs, and, more importantly, the skills you master will benefit you with presentation productions for the rest of your life. To see this term’s final projects, come to the Central Park classroom at 2:30! To sign up for classes at EC New York, visit our website at

Free Pronunciation Classes!

Having trouble with one of the trickiest elements of studying English ? Even if you’re doing incredibly well in all your other skills, improving your pronunciation can feel nearly impossible.  Some sounds literally feel impossible for your mouth to produce. We hold free Pronunciation Classes every month where you will get personalized attention and work on specific problem areas of English language pronunciation. So see you then! Note: These free classes are only for students who are currently enrolled in an English course at EC New York.