MBA Student Testimonial

Ang Li, a graduate student from China, recently finished her coursework at EC and will start her MBA in January. Congrats Ang!  Here is what Ang had to say about her experience at EC: I’m pursuing a graduate MBA degree in SUNY Oswego after 5 years bank working experience. At the same time, EC … Read more

Inside the Classroom – EC on Campus at SUNY Oswego

Hello all! This week in the SUNY Oswego EC classroom we have been focusing on persuasive speaking and writing as well as how to decode and understand difficult reading texts. Here you can see our students participating in a lively debate about whether smoking in public places should be banned. Durin … Read more

Student Testimonial: Why should you study at EC Oswego?

I was in EC Boston before I transferred to EC Oswego. Because it was going to be an adjustment for me to transfer to Oswego, I ended up coming to Oswego first. I have been improving my English and learning how to write Academic Essays which is useful for me and how to improve some skills. I moved up … Read more

December Activity Calendar

  EC Oswego is a beautiful place in December and there are so many opportunities to participate in winter activities. There is ice skating almost every day, as long as the hockey team is not playing! Students can take the bus into Syracuse to shop at Destiny, USA, which has been decorated for t … Read more