Inside the Classroom – EC on Campus at SUNY Oswego

Inside the Classroom - EC on Campus at SUNY OswegoHello all! This week in the SUNY Oswego EC classroom we have been focusing on persuasive speaking and writing as well as how to decode and understand difficult reading texts. Here you can see our students participating in a lively debate about whether smoking in public places should be banned. During this debate they were able to practice forming convincing arguments using the persuasive language they had learned throughout the week. This language is useful for both writing academic essays and participating in in-class discussions and debates common in US universities. The pictures below show our higher level students using different reading techniques to breakdown and work through difficult texts. These skills are vital for understanding course textbooks and research materials. We’ll check in again next week. Thank you for joining our class!Inside the Classroom - EC on Campus at SUNY Oswego



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