MBA Student Testimonial

Ang Li, a graduate student from China, recently finished her coursework at EC and will start her MBA in January. Congrats Ang! 

Here is what Ang had to say about her experience at EC:

I’m pursuing a graduate MBA degree in SUNY Oswego after 5 years bank working experience. At the same time, EC Oswego qualified all the requirements I need because it provided conditional offer, comfortable campus residence environment, TOEFL waiver, and the reasonable academic course design with frequent testing is the most attractive point for me. All these means a lot to me as I need to approach a higher level of my English proficiency before enter into University. After 6 weeks learning and living here, I’m deeply appreciate for everything the staff and the teacher in EC helped and supported for me. What I learnt is not only about academic knowledge, but also the skill of how to solve problem and the logic of how native speakers thinking when came across a culture background situation. This valuable experience is much more useful and practical for a Non-English speaker when they came to study in U.S.A at the first few months. In addition, I felt joyful and had an unforgettable moment with classmates to do handmade pumpkins together when Halloween was coming, and I also felt very sweetie to have an apple-pie afternoon tea with staff together to pre-celebrate thanksgiving. I’ve never imaged that life in EC Oswego could be such fabulous and wonderful. The different activities and courses enriched my daily life and gave me a warm feeling of living at home. I’m pretty sure that i will miss my days in EC after graduation. Definitely, I would like to recommend EC to my friends at anytime and i will glad to make any good influence to EC in the future. – Ang Li, China, former EC student, current MBA student


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