Inside the Classroom: EC at SUNY Oswego

Welcome to the EC classroom on campus at SUNY Oswego. Even though we’re just back from holidays, our students are already hard at work improving their college English skills. In Core class this week, the higher levels have been practicing their debate skills. They have been reading articles, listening to texts and Ted Talk lectures. Not only does this allow the practice of receptive skills, but also the practice of how to use outside resources in debates and to support arguments.

Below you see pictures of all of our students working together in an English for Academic Purposes class. They are using formal reported speech to write summaries of their classmates responses to discussion questions about trends in gender and spending. Being able to summarize information in a clear and professional manner is a key skill for all university majors. I’m pleased to say that theirs turned out brilliantly. Thanks for joining us in the EC classroom. See you next week.

 Classroom 2 01.13 Classroom 3 01.13


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