Inside the EC Classroom

Welcome to our snowy SUNY Oswego classroom! We continued our discussion skills this week focusing on adolescent and childhood development. Students learned reading subs skills to help them to identify the main ideas and summarize key points in difficult texts. Students practiced taking notes with the text, followed by a group discussion using tentative language. In groups, discussions were held where students expressed their opinions on the abstract topic of ‘when adolescence ends.” Our more advanced students wrote research papers, answering the question: “How do the lessons we learn as children affect us as adults?” As always, the papers and in class discussions were intensive but fabulous. Thanks for visiting our classroom!

Here are some outdoor pictures of EC staff and students enjoying our first big snow!

EC Staff Enjoying the Snow!

EC students and staff members pose for pictures in the snow!
EC students and staff members pose for pictures in the snow! 

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