Inside the Classroom

Welcome back to the EC on campus at SUNY Oswego classroom! Our weather is improving as the next semester at SUNY Oswego begins. While our proud EC grads are getting ready to start their university courses, their EC classmates are hard at work eager to join them. In skills class this week students have been practicing how to self-edit their writing assignments. We have been editing for task fulfillment, sentence structure and grammar errors. This skill is essential for all university students both native speaker and ESL alike.  There has already been a marked improvement in essay and in-class writings. Our topic this week is health and everyone has written a report analyzing their diets based on the results from a three day food diary. Many were shocked by the outcomes and a vowed to change their eating habits for the better. Meanwhile in the higher level Core class, students have been exploring the positive and negative sides of ‘medical tourism’ through reading and listening texts, which in turn has led to some lively discussions. That’s all from us here at SUNY Oswego EC. See you next week!



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