New Students to Oswego!

We are so excited to welcome our two newest students to EC Oswego this week! They both started on Monday, and are already enjoying their classes, classmates, and Oswego! One students name is Maria. Maria is 19 years old and from Ecudor. She is currently studying at EC, and plans to attend the Univer … Read more

Weekend Events!

Happy weekend! Congratulations on finishing another week of classes! Take some time this weekend to relax, or go attend an event happening on campus! There are a lot of sporting events happening this weekend. Go cheer on your fellow Oswego classmates!   Friday, September 30th Art Exhibit: &#822 … Read more

American Slang Phrase

This week’s American Slang Phrase is… “Once in a blue moon”   Phrase: “Once in a blue moon” Meaning: Infrequent; not often Example: “My room is always messy.. I clean it once in a blue moon.”     This phrase is commonly used among Americ … Read more

This Week’s Activities!

As usual.. here is our weekly activity calendar! This week we have a lot o guest speakers, talks, and sporting events to attend! We hope all of our students are getting involved on campus, and attending these events! Here is the week of September 26, 2016: These are just the events happening on camp … Read more

Weekend Events!

Another week down.. and that means its the WEEKEND! This weekend is the first official weekend of Fall, and the temperatures will be a little cooler! That doesn’t mean the fun stops!   Friday, September 23 Women’s Soccer vs. New Paltz When: 3:00pm-5:00pm Where: Laker Soccer Field Wh … Read more

First Day of Fall!

Happy First Day of Fall! September 22, 2016 marks the first “official” day of Fall in the United States! People in Upstate New York tend to love Fall because there are so many activities to do outside, and it is so beautiful! Oswego and Syracuse offer so many options for Fall activities. … Read more

Game Day at EC Oswego!

Last week our students enjoyed putting their skills to the test for a game day! The students had to use speaking skills, grammar, and vocabulary to play “Headbands” and “Word Up” Students really enjoy game days because they learn and practice so much while also having fun! St … Read more

New student Testimonial – Meet Kwak!

We are so excited to welcome our newest student to EC SUNY Oswego! Jeongguk Kwak is 19 years old and from Korea. He currently lives on campus with a former EC student, and plans to attend the University in the Spring of 2017. He just arrived last Saturday, and has been on campus for a little over a … Read more

American College Slang

Instead of doing an American Slang Phrase only this week, we have decided to do a bunch of American College Slang phrases! These phrases will be commonly heard and used among University students, and you could use them too! Or at least know of them, so you know what students are talking about when y … Read more

This Week’s Activities!

We hope everyone’s classes are going well, and that they are enjoying them! We also hope that you are taking advantage of all of the activities going on around campus, as well as all of the resources Oswego has to offer. This week is packed full with different activities and events that are al … Read more