American College Slang

Instead of doing an American Slang Phrase only this week, we have decided to do a bunch of American College Slang phrases!

These phrases will be commonly heard and used among University students, and you could use them too! Or at least know of them, so you know what students are talking about when you hear them!


American College Slang Phrases


All-nighter: To stay up “all night” studying, or doing a paper or project

ex. “I have a 14 page paper due tomorrow, I will definitely be pulling an all-nighter tonight.


Pregame: The party before the party

ex. “The party is at 9, but there’s a pregame at Julie’s house.”


RA: Resident Assistant – the person in charge of the hall in your dorm

ex. “The RA came to our room because we were being too loud.”


Play hooky: To skip class for no real reason

ex. “I’m so tired I think I’m just going to play hooky today.”


Hit the books: To begin studying

ex. “I can’t go to dinner with you, I need to stay and hit the books.”


Ace the test: To pass a test with a great score

ex. “I got a 94 on my test.. I aced it!”


Go out on the town: To go downtown, or go out to do something fun

ex. “I’ve had such a long week of classes, we should go out on the town tonight.”


Draw a blank: Forgetting the name of something, or forgetting what you were going to say

ex. “I can’t think of her name, I’m drawing a blank.”


Money doesn’t grow on trees: Money can be hard to come by

ex. “My books were $500. Don’t they know money doesn’t grow on trees?”


There are many more slang phrases that University students use, but these ones are helpful! Let us know if you hear or use any of them!


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