New Students to Oswego!

We are so excited to welcome our two newest students to EC Oswego this week!

They both started on Monday, and are already enjoying their classes, classmates, and Oswego!

One students name is Maria. Maria is 19 years old and from Ecudor. She is currently studying at EC, and plans to attend the University in the spring to being her Undergraduate career!

Our other students name is Mahmoud. He is a student from Saudi Arabia! He studied at the University of Pennsylvania before coming to EC! He is studying with us before he moves on to start his Graduate career at the University.

We are so excited to have more students in the classroom! They are both very excited to be at EC, and are looking forward to starting at the University!


Good luck in all of your studies guys!

EC Oswego provides students with English for Academic Purposes Textbooks



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