Halloween Party at EC Oswego!

Happy Halloween! In the United States, we like to celebrate everything with a party! We decided it would be fun to have a party for Halloween today! We had snacks, photo booth props, candy, and games! We played some Halloween trivia, did Halloween madlibs, and a mummy contest using toilet paper! Her … Read more

American Slang Phrase!

As today is Halloween.. it is only appropriate to have a Halloween Slang Phrase! Halloween is known for its scary monsters, creatures, and goblins! But have you heard of the bogeyman?   Phrase: Bogeyman Meaning: A fictional scary person. Used to scare children who misbehave Example: “If y … Read more

Weekly Activities!

Happy Halloween! Can you believe it is already the last day in October?! This week’s activities are all very fun! Because today is Halloween, there are a few different Halloween activities going on tonight! This coming weekend is Homecoming weekend at Oswego! That means there are a lot of spor … Read more

Halloween in America!

Halloween is celebrated in a number of countries on October 31st every year. It is known as the eve of the Western Christians feast of All Hallow’s Day. People in America usually don’t think about the meaning behind Halloween. They typically associate it with costumes, haunted houses, pa … Read more

Activities this Weekend!

Friday, October 28   Men’s Ice Hockey vs. Elmira When: 7-9:30pm Where: Marano Campus Center Arena   Theater Production: “The Wizard of Oz” When: 7:30-9:30pm Where: Waterman Theater, Tyler Hall What: SUNY Oswego’s theatre and music department presents L.Frank Baum&#8 … Read more

Where are our Students from?

We currently have 35 students! They are from a few different places around the world!   4 students from Saudi Arabia 2 student from Korea 2 students from China 1 student from Taiwan 1 student from Queretaro, Mexico 2 students from Tlaxcala, Mexico 5 students from Campeche, Mexico 12 students fr … Read more

Slang Phrase of the Week!

This week’s American Slang Phrase is… “24/7” A lot of American’s exaggerate when using this phrase. Typically no one is doing doing “24/7” but if someone does something a lot, people will use this phrase. Another reason this phrase is used is to describe sto … Read more

Inside the Classroom!

We are so excited here at EC Oswego to have so many new students joining us! We have split them up into 2 classes based on their English levels. Both classes are going very well, and the students are enjoying their time! Our other EC students have been making great friends with all of our new studen … Read more

New Students

EC Oswego is so excited to announce that we have 25 new students beginning this week! They are a group of 25 from Mexico as a part of the Mexican initiative, “Proyecta 100,000”. This initiative aims to have 100,000 Mexican learners studying in the united States by 2018. The students arri … Read more

This week’s Activities!

Happy Monday! There is a new weekly activity calendar! It is filled with sporting events, documentaries, movies, theatre productions, and more! There is a little something for everyone! Don’t let the cold weather coming in stop you from participating in activities around campus! We hope that o … Read more