Inside the Classroom!

We are so excited here at EC Oswego to have so many new students joining us!

We have split them up into 2 classes based on their English levels. Both classes are going very well, and the students are enjoying their time!

Our other EC students have been making great friends with all of our new students, and they work very well in groups.

Here are a few pictures of both classes working in groups this week!

11222367_1792678891021649_2697323315730859985_n 14568127_1792678777688327_920906813412412175_n 14572853_1792678781021660_5760345381380582324_n 14610866_1792678817688323_5155788832620380114_n 14695408_1792678827688322_2181983776487884559_n 14708099_1792678831021655_1245436276807259914_n 14713587_1792678784354993_2649676533294665970_n

We love to see our students working hard together and learning!

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