What have our students done this month?

Our students have been SO busy this month! They have all done their own travelling, exploring, and shopping! All of our students get along very well with each other. The 25 Mexican students that arrived fit right in with everyone, and they all did fun things as a group. Having more students with us … Read more

American Slang!

This week’s American Slang Phrase is commonly used among college students! A lot of students around this time of year tend to become lazy because of the weather, and because of the stress of all the work they have to do.   Phrase: Couch potato Meaning: A lazy person Example: “I&#821 … Read more

This Week’s Activities!

We are back from Thanksgiving break and ready to finish out the year! There are plenty of events happening on campus this week for you to attend! If you are stressed from homework or studying, take a break and attend one of these events! There are a few different workshops, speakers, and performers … Read more

American Slang Phrase

This week’s American Slang Phrase is also in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday! A lot of people tend to eat A LOT for Thanksgiving, because everything is so delicious!   Phrase: I’m stuffed! Meaning: I’m very full, I ate too much Example: “I had 6 pieces of pie.. I&#8217 … Read more

What is Thanksgiving in the U.S?

Thanksgiving is a public holiday celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November. This holiday has been celebrated nationally since 1789 after a proclamation by George Washington. It has been celebrated as a federal holiday since 1863 when President Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgivin … Read more

Proyecta Students leaving!

Our group of 25 Mexican students from the “Proyecta 100,000” program have now left! They were here for 4 weeks studying English with us, and it was such an incredible experience from everyone. On their final day, we had a party and gave them all their Certificate of Studies. They all got … Read more

Thanksgiving at EC Oswego!

We had our very own Thanksgiving meal at EC Oswego! The staff brought traditional American dishes such as turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, sweet potatoes, etc. Some of our students brought dishes from their own cultures as well! We had a few Saudi Arabian dishes, as well as Chinese dishes. Ever … Read more

Weekly Activities

This week is a short one! We have Thanksgiving Break starting Wednesday afternoon! We will have Thursday off for Thanksgiving, as well as Friday off. There are still activities going on, but be aware that most of campus will shut down as of Wednesday afternoon. EC Oswego offers courses that fall und … Read more

American Slang Phrase

In honor of Thanksgiving being next week.. this week’s slang phrases include phrases relating to Thanksgiving!   Thanksgiving phrases: Pilgrim –  the word Pilgrim usually refers to one of the settlers in Plymouth colony. The Pilgrims in Plymouth were settlers from England who immigr … Read more

Niagara Falls Trip!

We went on a class trip to Niagara Falls on Monday! We ventured around the American side of the Falls, and explored the park. Everyone was so amazed to see the Falls in person for the first time. It was a beautiful day do take a trip! We did a fun BINGO game on the bus ride there with things like wo … Read more