Weekend Happenings!

Friday, February 3rd Men’s Basketball vs. Potsdam When: 5:30-7:30pm Where: Max Ziel Gym   Men’s Ice Hockey vs. Potsdam When: 7-9:30pm Where: Marano Arena   Women’s Basketball vs. Potsdam When: 7:30-9:30pm Where: Max Ziel Gym   Saturday, February 4th Student Art Exhib … Read more

Slang Phrase

This week’s American Slang Phrase is commonly used on college campuses! When students get stressed because of tests, finals week, or because a paper is due, they tend to eat more. Or, if they are just bored and sitting in their room with friends they will usually do this.   Phrase: Pig ou … Read more

Activities for the week!

Happy Monday! This week features a lot more sporting events and activities happening around campus. There are also clubs and organizations to get involved with on campus that meet during the week. There are clubs for almost any interest! Check out some of these events and practice your English while … Read more

Weekend Activities!

Happy Weekend! This weekend is FILLED with sporting events for you to go cheer on your fellow students at! All of the events happening this weekend are on campus and are FREE!   Friday, January 27th Women’s Ice Hockey vs. Potsdam When: 3-5pm Where: Marano Arena   Art Exhibit Receptio … Read more

American Slang!

The American Slang Phrase this week is relating to the cold, snowy weather we have right now! A lot of parents use this phrase when speaking with children, and a lot of people regularly use this phrase as well!   Phrase: Bundle up Meaning: Dress warm, wear layers of clothing, etc. Example: &#82 … Read more

Inside the Classroom

Today in class the students had a choice between acting as 1 of 2 people in a scenario. For example, some were a patient and a doctor, a bus driver and a rider, a store clerk and a shopper, etc. The pair had to write up a dialogue for the scenario, and then act it out in front of the class. The clas … Read more

Weekly Activities

University Classes begin again today! All the students are back from Winter break, and all of the dining options on campus are now open regular hours! The new semester also means the clubs and organizations are starting back up, so be sure to join one or two to get involved! More and more events wil … Read more

Slang Phrase of the Week!

This week’s American Slang Phrase is commonly used among college students. This phrase can sometimes mean using little effort, and when college students get lazy that is what they want to do!   Phrase: Kill two birds with one stone Meaning: Completing two tasks at once with only one effor … Read more

Weekend Events

This is the last weekend before University classes begin! Campus will come alive again as all of the students return from Winter break! Don’t miss out on any of these FREE activities happening all weekend!   Friday, January 20th Open Recreation When: 9am-4pm Where: Lee Hall Gymnasium What … Read more

What is Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

You have the day off from school.. but why? Martin Luther King Jr. was an extremely important man in America’s history. January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, and that is why we celebrate on that day. It is observed as the 3rd Monday on January each year. He was most known as … Read more