First floor of EC Oxford finished!

This week the jobs in the first floor at the building of the school have finished. With this, the second part is done and we can enjoy all the areas of the school. This floor is compounded by: -Reception. The first thing you will see as soon you get in is the EC Oxford Reception and our receptionist … Read more

Alberto Vazquez experience in EC Oxford

Alberto has had a short stay in Oxford. It has been only two weeks, but two great weeks. Next we share with you the text he sent to us about his experience here: “My name is Alberto, I am 25 years old and I am from Barcelona (Spain). I currently work in the french city of  Toulouse  as an aero … Read more

Oxford Walking Free Tour

Here are the experience of our intern Pablo about the walking free tour he did on Saturday   “I met with some friends Saturday in the morning to know better the city, because due to my work I could not actually see a lot of the wonders that the city of Oxford have. So I read in the Intern … Read more

Walking Free Tours

  There is a great way to know better the city which is affordable to every budget. We are talking about the walking free tours. You probably have already heard about free tours, there should be in every big city in the  world, but if you don’ t know what it is we will explain to you. A w … Read more

A day in the Premiership

  A couple weeks ago four of our students went to Birimingham to see a Barclays Premiership game. Ian Markelov, Masa, Yonghee and Hassan were fascinated with the enviroment in the stadium. Ian wanted to share with us his experience about the match “The game was Aston Villa-Queens Park Ran … Read more