Oxford Walking Free Tour

Here are the experience of our intern Pablo about the walking free tour he did on Saturday


“I met with some friends Saturday in the morning to know better the city, because due to my work I could not actually see a lot of the wonders that the city of Oxford have. So I read in the Internet that there was a free walking tour in Oxford that started in Broad Street, very close to the school.

I love doing free tours. Every time I visit a city I like to look for the walking tour there and do it. The guides use to be very friendly, I guess because they need to make good impression with the people to get better tips.

In my case in Oxford, my guide was a young guy named Tom who was very very funny and talkative. He told us curious things about every place we saw and he also explained us a little bit the history of the city. We were walking for two hours and we visited mostly churches and colleges (obvious) but also museums, libraries, pubs. All of them truly interesting places.

I recommend to everybody to do it. You will not regret

Of course I gave to him a good tip for his job!

If you are interested on taking it there is every day in two turns, at 11 am and at 2pm in Broad St, next to George St. You will see a bicycle locked at a lamp post. That is the meeting point.