Hyunsu Song Experience

Here is now the experience of one of our students. Hyunsu! “Hi, my name in Hyunsu Song and I am from South Korea. I arrived and started studying in Oxford 22th of April. Even though, I spent a short period of time in Oxford I could easily feel that Oxford is a lovely and beautiful place. Also, … Read more

Pronunciation Clinic every Tuesday

Here at EC Oxford we have began to offer a new free weekly activity. Every Tuesday there will be a Pronunciation Clinic with our teacher Joe. It is a fantastic opportunity for our students to improve their pronunciation skills with a special class only focused on the matter of pronunciation. We have … Read more

A day in Thorpe Park

Monday the 27th was a Bank Holiday in  the United Kingdom so a number of students at EC Oxford took advantage and joined the trip we organized to Thorpe Park, the amusement park in the outskirts of Surrey. The bus left Ashmolean Museum at 9.30. Everyone was prepared to have a fantastic day   At … Read more

The Haegeum

Following the post on our student Hyunsu, below you will find more information about the instrument she plays. The Haegeum is a popular traditional music instrument in Korea. “The haegeum is a two string bowed fiddle used to contain all eight materials of pal eum (eight timbers). It has a neck … Read more

Summer Eights

Currently in Oxford a regatta referred to as “bump racing”  is taking place. The colleges of Oxford University go head to head against each other. There are different divisions, 7 in men and 6 in women and every year participate more than 1.500 students. The racing happens on the Isis, a … Read more

Hyunsu Song (EC Student) and the Korean Traditional Music

As we said in our Facebook page we would like to present you a feature from one of our students and the activity she use to do in her country. We are talking about Hyunsu. She plays a Korean instrument called Haegeum (해금) often used in Korean traditional music. In this first blog, we are going to te … Read more

Gloucester Green Open Air Market

Next to our school, every Wednesday and Thursday there is a traditional market that have been taking place from centuries. It is a vibrant market where you can find a lot of products hardly to find in conventional supermarkets. Products like fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, traditional breads, … Read more

The experience of a teacher in EC Oxford

We would like to introduce you to Andy Smith, one of the teachers in EC Oxford. Andy shared with us a little written about his experience in the school: “I can honestly say that EC Oxford is a great school to be working for, especially to have been here for the first classes with the first stu … Read more