Student Testimonial: Malanda Rudit

I have chosen EC Oxford because a friend of mine recommended EC as the best school to improve my English. I’m in EC Oxford to improve my English and at the moment I like it, because I speak English with lots of people from all over the world. The staff create a warm and welcoming environment for all … Read more

Teacher Testimonial: Helen Jardine

“EC Oxford is a great place to work: all the stuff get on well, with a very positive atmosphere of helping each other in the teachers’ room and the professional development here from the D.O.S. has helped me to improve my teaching by leaps and bounds. It’s a great place to work!” EC Oxfo … Read more

Teacher Testimonial: Jessica Holloway

        I always look forward to coming to work because I am surrounded by inspirational, charismatic and trustworthy colleagues. I feel safe, secure and content in this workplace because it offers the latest resources and technology. Moreover, with all the modern features, the f … Read more