Intern Testimonial : Johanna Pauly



10423278_896702537014449_3747811582952749644_nBeing an intern at EC Oxford was a great experience for me, the teachers and the rest of the staff welcomed me in such a nice way, I also got a better understanding of how a language school operates which really interested me. Needless to say I really learnt a lot and I improved my English which was great. This opportunity helped me put my I.T skills to better use and helped me improve them, I got the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world and make new friends. The best part was that it felt great being party of a dynamic team, I would recommend working with EC to everyone. We have a great working atmosphere and I was given so much support when I needed it.


Thanks you so much for this time to my colleagues and the rest of EC Oxford.


A special thank you goes to Daniel and Kelly “I love you guys”