Student Testimonial : Carlos Santiago

What can I say about Studying at EC Oxford, “best 6 months of my life” Coming to EC helped me improve my English, it also gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of people and make new friends. I had such a great time in the school the staff and teachers were so friendly and welcoming. Walking into th … Read more

Intern Testimonial : Johanna Pauly

    Being an intern at EC Oxford was a great experience for me, the teachers and the rest of the staff welcomed me in such a nice way, I also got a better understanding of how a language school operates which really interested me. Needless to say I really learnt a lot and I improved my Eng … Read more

Student Outing: Football game

    Studying and having fun! EC oxford Students and staff had the opportunity to see two of the most important players in football today, (C.Ronaldo v L.Messi) and the famous stadium of Old Traffod in Manchester (Theater of Dreams). It was a long journey from Oxfrod to Manchester but it wa … Read more