Student Testimonial – I am Glad I Chose Oxford – Maria



At the beginning I wasn’t sure about where I wanted to study English but now I’m glad I chose Oxford. Oxford has offered me a huge variety of opportunities to broaden my mind. This is the perfect city, it has everything you can spend your free time admiring the magnificent buildings that surround the city, or take part from one of the tours offered by the school. Additionally, everywhere you go there is an intellectual atmosphere which has helped me to implement what I have learned in lessons. The school has provided me all the necessary tools to achieve my goals and more. The staff is extremely friendly and they are always encouraging us to join to extracurricular activities such as pronunciation clinic, café chat, pub nights and charity activities. All those things together, have made of this one of the best (if not the best) experience in my life. I will remember with nostalgia my time here and all the people I met from Turkey, Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil and UK.