Support your rugby team and win a prize!

Rugby World Cup Sweepstakes at EC Oxford Language School

Sweepstakes at EC Oxford!

Support your Rugby team and the “Cancer Research UK Kids& Teens” at the same time.

Since the Rugby World Cup will start on Friday, we set up a Rugby World Cup Sweepstakes. Students can buy a team ticket for £2. The student who has the winner team at the end of the tournament wins a prize (£20). The other half will be donated to the “Cancer Research UK Kids& Teens.” We do sweepstakes which means that the selection of the teams will be randomly so that students who are not much into Rugby have the same chance as experts. Try and push your luck.

Here are the teams participating in the championship:

Italy,  France, New Zealand, Australia, Namibia

Argentina, Uruguay, Samoa, Tonga,  Fiji

South Africa, Japan, USA, Canada, Georgia

Romania, Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland

Here is some information about child cancer and why it is important to support charities like this. If you are not in the winner team, you won’t lose your money, you will help children to make the best out of their situation. Thanks for your help and enjoy the games!


Causes of cancer in children

Although we have identified a number of lifestyle changes that can help to prevent many adult cancers developing cancer, we don’t know how to prevent most childhood cancers. We don’t know what causes childhood cancers either. We do know some factors that increase risk, but most children with cancer don’t have any of these risk factors. And many children who do have risk factors won’t go on to develop cancer.

The known risk factors include inherited medical conditions, problems with development in the womb, exposure to infections, exposure to radiation, previous cancer treatments.

Even though cancer is not common in children, it is the most common cause of death from illness in children between the ages of 1 and 15. This is because children today are at much lower risk of dying from infectious diseases than they were 80 years ago. So although the percentages of children dying from various cancers have gone down, the proportion of childhood deaths from cancer overall has gone up.

Types of childhood cancer

The most common types of childhood cancer are acute leukemia, diagnosed in 1 in 3 children with cancer or cancers of the brain and spinal cord, diagnosed in 1 in 4 children with cancer.