EC Oxford informing about Plastic Bags Charge

Important changes for England, our environment and you!

EC Oxford informing about plastic bags charge:

Many years ago, when people found out how to produce all kind of different things made out of plastic, they also made something really useful: plastic bags. It was a really good invention so that plastic bags can be found everywhere around the globe. Everywhere…Unfortunately.

The damage plastic bags do to our environment is massive. The production of plastic in general is always related to air pollution and the use of energy. Mostly, the factories use natural resources like coal, oil or natural gas to run the factory. But nowadays as we know the resources are limited. So to produce plastic bags, we exploit our natural resources to the maximum. Another influential factor is the air pollution. The factories produce a lot of CO2 which increases the greenhouse effect. This means for us that the climate will change massively if do not stop emit greenhouse gases.

The production of plastic bags has a negative effect on the environment but it is not the only problem. It is really difficult to recycle used plastic bags. Basically, to recycle them is as harmful as producing them. Although in many countries we have recycling bins and systems there are still countries which do not recycle. Those countries have huge unauthorised dumps.

This is all we know about plastic, environment and pollution. But there are also creatures on the earth, who do not go to school and learn about environment, who do not have books to read about it, and who do not have Google to explain it to them but which are affected as much as we are. Have a guess. It’s animals. Many animals die due to plastic bags.

So there are plenty reasons why we should spot using plastic bags. One reason why people buy plastic bags is that they are for free. Now England, as the last part of the UK decided to charge 5p per bag. Statistics have shown that in countries, which charge their customers for plastic bags, the use of them decreased massively.

Using paper or cotton bags will not only save your budget but also the environment. So its a win-win for everybody!


EC Oxford informing about plastic bags charge