Hiroki: “this destination is definitely what I wanted”

Hiroki Kunii our Japanese student shares his EC Oxford experience. He is enrolled in the Academic Year Programme and starts a new adventure as a student ambassador soon. Check out what he wrote about EC Oxford.

“First of all, I’d like to insist that you should join us if you intend to study abroad. I absolutely recommend this school to you.

I started studying in EC Oxford 3 months ago, and I think I’ll never forget the first day at school. It was filled with loads of impressions I’d never had before. In the classes, there are students with many different nationalities from all over the world. Additionally, it was the first time for me to study with foreign students, so I realised that I began to extend the range which I learn and live. Although I wasn’t able to speak and listen very well in English, I was satisfied with communicating with friends from different countries with the tool called English even if only slightly.
Actually I use to study English a lot in Japan before entering university. However, definitely it wasn’t practical when it came to speaking and listening. It was just for tests and I’d never focused on using in the real life at that moment.
Now I’m using English in my everyday life and I feel more confident in conversations. The activities in classes are effective and very helpful to improve. Moreover, EC Oxford always provides enjoyable opportunities to enhance our skills after lessons. I always register for these activities because I want to improve my English with awesome friends in my free time.
As you know, Oxford has tremendous sights to see, and it is the most famous cities for study on this planet. I guess I don’t need to mention about it any more, but please let me say ‘this destination is definitely what I wanted’.
I have another 3 months to stay here, and I’m going to help as a student ambassador at the school to help new students. Now I’m looking forward to meeting more friends from all over the world and to see my improvements in the UK.”