Sophie: “I enjoyed my time at EC Oxford very much”

Sophie is from Switzerland and studied in Oxford for 4 weeks. Read what she has to say about her experience at EC, an English school in Oxford: I’m sitting here, in front of my computer trying to write down all my experiences and yet I’m not able to think of all the things I have done in those past … Read more

Thais and Claudio’s EC Oxford Experience

  Thais and Claudio studied with us at EC, an English school in Oxford. Read what they have to say about their EC Experience: Thais is from Brazil and she studied with EC for around 2 months. Read about her experience at EC: My exchange experience was amusing and very interesting! An excellent … Read more

Milena: “Thanks EC Oxford for changing my life!”

Milena is an u18 student at EC Oxford, an English school in Oxford. Read below for her experience at EC Oxford: Well, I’ve been studying English since I was little but in a way to improve it even more, my family and I had decided that I should go abroad, to make me speak and also think in Engl … Read more